2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank


Point well made kind sir


On a non footy note, it’s spring and the damn possums are out already stirring my puppies up in the back yard. I really dislike possums In the burbs


Neil Kerley…particularly when he was warning Crows players to pick up their man.


Shouldn’t have any S Australians in the media quite frankly.


I have a soft spot for Collingwood…it’s between my butt cheaks.


Hardly close to a full strength Eagles.

They have some depth in the Ruck position with Lycett and Vardy, but Nic Nat would be handy against Gawn.

Gaff is one of the best and most consistent outside players in the league.

Sheppard is an under-rated medium sized defender, and will be missed.

Edit…not the best preparation for Kennedy either !


Oh you’re taking the pis3 now Digs


We’d be celebrating like glorious chest beating silverbacks if we won consecutive finals after so many years of failure.


We will be. But at least we’ve stuck by the team and attended games even during our low points.

How many Dees supporters on that bandwagon now? Where were these supporters at the start of the season?



Theyve popped out of nowhere. Me cousin returned from overseas and hasn’t spoken about the Dees in over a decade and now every second social media post is about the Dees.


Just ahint of bitterness in Clarkos presser. His invincibility bubble just popped.



Like rhe indigenour people, possums were here first.


Melbourne were just doing a lot of counter-attacking in this match…Hawks very wasteful with kicks i50 and shots on goal…I didn’t think it was a particularly impressive/convincing win.


Watching this final series, shows what a missed year 2018 was for EFC

Geelong, Hawks, Sydney

We really should of been good enough to steal one of their spots


I really want to see GWS lose.

Just want the whole Dylan Shiel innuendo to be cleared up. Ie if he does indeed just want to play for Hawthorn or would like to pull on the boot’s with us.


GWS doing well here should be drawing support

How pathetic is the NRL


They’re missing 2 genuine best 22 players in Nic Nat and Gaff and Kennedy will be better for the run. Sheppard is a jobber and isn’t going the be the difference between winning and losing.
So as I said, they’re close to full strength, certainly a lot closer than the last time they played when Kennedy wasn’t out there and Darling got knocked out in the 1st quarter…


Yep, my fave Blitz tropes of 2017:

  • “The Hawks have already gone past us” while 3/4 of the 2015 premiership side runs around
  • “fkn even North have rebuilt quicker than us” while Shaun Higgins puts it i50 to Jarrad Waite

The Hawks are demographically cooked. Clarko is good, but this rebuild is about as convincing as Jordan Lewis’s hair


At least it’s not a hard one