2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank


It’s such a ■■■■ game. No wonder people don’t turn up.



That is a good one.

It’s gotta be the worst hairpiece with the darkest legal tint


He was in hope of a Afl final if hawks won.

Similar to Bernie Vince who has retired but playing Vfl this a weekend so is a chance for Afl final.


It’s great to see the 3 clubs that have been “up” for the vast majority of this decade (Geelong, Sydney, Hawthorn) all make early exits from the finals. At long last the system has caught up with them. Clarkson got the absolute best out of that list this year, but they were somewhat lucky to end up with 15 wins and finish 4th. Been found out in finals, as mentioned a massive list imbalance and not a great deal of quality young players coming in. I don’t see the next Hodge, Lewis, Roughead, Mitchell (Sam) or Burgoyne amongst them.


The competition has been this way since 2016, i.e. very even and without standout/powerhouse teams of the past (e.g. Brisbane, Geelong, Hawthorn). It’s all the more indictment on EFC as a club that we can’t even seem to get our collective act together for one whole season, which is all it takes to go deep in finals (or even win a flag) in a very even competition. I guess the good news is, the evenness of the competition now is such that aside from the bottom 4-5 rebuilding teams, it’s almost random probability which teams will pop up in a given year so eventually we’ll achieve a finals win or two.


More conspicuous dye job than anyone in the Chinese Commo Party




So your saying you have piles of love for them?


Don’t even start me on Teflon Simon Goodstuff…


Those cocky carnts on talkback after beating Sydney(what an achievement that was in hindsight…) and securing top 4 we’re saying things like “it’s been a long 12 months but the rebuild is over. Top Fourthorn!” Gives me great pleasure to present their record in finals since 2015


Had a charmed run with injury this year too. Imagine that mob if Titch or Gunston went down?


■■■■ off Hawthorn. They’re going to offload Roughy and try and land a big fish!!


Lol eat a ■■■■ ■■■■■




See what happens when you get quality outside AND quality inside mids.

Ill argue that our best 22 front half and back half is better than Melbournes,so…



We’re all guilty of having big bandwagons especially us but where the fk were these dees fans 4 months ago when we played them at Etihad and none of them turned up??


Be reasonable. People can’t be arsed if their side is consistently playing like sh*t. Reckon you can count on around 30% of supporters to routinely show up regardless of form.

The better you go, the more that will show.

Anyway, it’s even in the lyrics of Melbourne’s song. “Should all aquatintance be forgot, keep your eye on the red and the blue”.

They’ve just been following instructions.


It’s actually “ Should auld acquaintance be forgot”
Same as the Norwood club song


Screw Norwood and all that associate with them.


Was actually incredibly entertaining watching the hawks fans go into complete meltdown. Couldn’t be ■■■■■■ going to level 4 so we just parked ourselves in the GS bay. Hawks mongaloids wanting to fight every ■■■■ around them as soon as a free didn’t go their way.

Then in the third quarter a situation that had been brewing all game finally kicked off. Melbourne bloke getting right stuck in and the hawk pelican turned around clocked him.

Hawthorn fans going into full meltdown was glorious.