2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank


Melbourne are going to be a seriously good team for a long time, and sadly I don’t think we have the list to match them.

So much grunt on the inside.


Go on then. Bet your blitz account on it then.


Just flicked on and saw the score…LOL!!!

Might sit down and watch this last qtr and bask in the glow of hawthorns demise, might even use their supporters tears as lube


15+ years of being clubbed like baby seals, the emotions will boil over.


Don’t tempt me!


I was at the 2016 GF and whilst the outcome wasn’t what I had paid 1000’s of $$$$$'s for, seeing first hand what it meant to those Bulldogs fans was pretty special.

There were 70,000 people there collectively having THE best day of their lives.

Let the Dees have a taste.


Unless it had a direct effect on Essendon, I cannot imagine a situation where I’d want hawthorn to win. I’d be happy if they never won a game again.


Fark Whoreforn sideways with a pineapple


It begins


Here they come


If they win from here - I’m closing my account here.


Contact below the knees? Get ■■■■■■.


That rule is such a joke, got kneed in the head…but contact below the knees.


Get farked gunston






Farkin free kick Hawthorn


Et tu stallion?


Free kick hawthorn

Rinse and repeat


free kick hawthorn…every game, whenever they are behind the umpires always get them back into it