2018 Pre Season Discussion


Carlton: 17 players from other clubs. Greatest bunch of poaching prycks in the AFL.

What does it tell you about their ability to develop young players from the draft ?


HS had an article on which clubs in the premiership sweet spot based on age demographic.

As we know our club has a big bulk of 19-24yr old class kids all coming through together (we targeted that age demographic with trades also) but we aren’t far off the top clubs as is right now.

WC and Hawks also ranked with us but WC about to go through big rebuild & Hawks in the midst of it and had no access to top picks / burned 2 on JOM.

Next 5yrs going to be very exciting for EFC


In my opinion this is the first genuine rebuild we have done for 20 years. We have always topped up with other clubs rubbish at this stage of development thinking that we were better than we actually are.

Our list now is young and has talent to burn across every line.

We are in a position that we can challenge for at least the next five years.


Hence why if I supported them (eww) I wouldn’t be too excited about “winning the draft” and “draft hauls.” Will believe it when I see it.


Is it fair to assume there won’t be time trials today?


Yes, its been run. Its not Princes Park, so they start in groups of 12-15

So who had the best time, or will they keep that secret again ?



When have they done that?


They were running in their positional groups by the looks of the video.

Laverde and Begley with the forwards.

Long, Langford, McGrath, Guelfi, Mutch, Clarke running with the mids.

Redman running with the defenders.


We just poached 3 to boost our side’s hopes…


Last year, wen they ran as groups the same as this year. It was not possible to tell who the fastest ones were as they were split into 3. iirc


Which group was Stringer in?


The low profile group @Go_Team_2.0

He was dressed in all black.


our average games looks low probably saga effected as it robbed Hurley, Hooker, Heppell, Bellchambers, Colyer, Myers all of a year.


Sure we did, and it was a very good move done with very good timing. The point is the side best at developing players through draftng is Sydney, who have 4 poached players on the list, the worst at developing players through the draft is FC, with 17.

We are middle of the road with 10.


They could always do rowing.


Why do Carlton and Fremantle have so many old blokes running about 30+



Fremantle you can understand as they were pressing for a flag not that long ago.

Carlton no idea! Dale Thomas is one though. LOL!

Mind you we have moved on quite a few ourselves past few years.


Langers looks huge in comparison to the other mids.


I’m not sure it’s that simple. Swans might have only 4 players from other teams on their list, but those 4 players combined probably eat 30% of their salary cap and two of those recruits in particular are the difference between them being in contention and bog ordinary.