2018 Pre Season Discussion


Be interesting to see where Francis finishes.


Buddy doesnt make a team good, a good team makes Buddy look great. ( he is without doubt THE Marquee Player of the AFL). But yes, the salary cap issues have prevented Sydney from trading in more gun players, and caused the loss of players like Mitchell, thus having to rely on rookie draft, academy and late draft selections. Even so, Sydney are close to the top of the ladder and Carlton is close to the bottom and its been that way for 5-10 years and Fark Carlton.
I rest my case.



Almost like he’s a good build to play elsewhere :thinking:


He can play everywhere.




How much did Ambrose win by?


He’s lined up against Zaka, Zac and Colyer of course he would. As Jobe would have.


Don’t try and downplay Langers hugeness


Not sure how Langford normally goes but 5th for him and 7th for Begley stood out for me.


Where you getting this?


Essendon website


Patrick Ambrose, Kobe Mutch and Dylan Clarke were among the star performers in Essendon’s first time-trial of the pre-season.

Players completed a 2km course around the grounds of Bomber Headquarters.

Mason Redman, Kyle Langford and David Zaharakis rounded out the top six, with Josh Begley and Martin Gleeson in equal seventh position.

The younger listed players shone, with five of the top seven under 22 years of age.

The boys ran in three groups, split up into forwards, midfielders and defenders.

Josh Begley was fastest for the forwards, Kobe Mutch finished first for the midfielders and defending champion of the 2km time trial, Patrick Ambrose, was the winner for the defenders.

Notable personal best times came from Patrick Ambrose, Dylan Clarke, Travis Colyer, Kyle Langford, Jake Long, Shaun McKernan and Jordan Ridley.

Top seven:

  1. Patrick Ambrose

  2. Kobe Mutch

  3. Dylan Clarke

  4. Mason Redman

  5. Kyle Langford

  6. David Zaharakis

  7. Josh Begley

  8. Martin Gleeson


Thats extraordinary by kobe.


Yep, Cheers had a look.

Mutch and Clarke 2nd and 3rd is interesting.


Having young guys perform so well bodes well for our future.

Good work boys.


Paddy Ambrose still putting PBs up.


I think it also bodes well that we had 8 guys in the top 7


lol, good spot


Mutch and Clarke’s results aren’t entirely surprising from what I have seen at VFL but Redman looks to be really giving himself the best opportunity for success.

He has had his injury issues so I think finishing fourth is a great achievement.