2018 Pre Season Discussion


Are those pictures from training today? I thought it was supposed to be raining in Melbourne?


We rebuilt.


Definitely thinned down. His thighs used to look like tree trunks. Now they are more like lamp posts.





Any training today?


Big Red actually has definition in his legs.



For those interested in times this is worth a read

When rookied, Ambrose was running 6.15. I suppose he is running better than that now. Whether he is down to the upper elite 5.30-6.0 range with the Bicavs of this world I have no idea and clubs are guarded about the players times. Other than the fact that Begley ran 6.44 which is average to slow.


On the other hand, of the “elite” players mentioned weren’t Hartung and Gibson both delisted this year?
And as for Johnny Rayner…

2k time trial really only useful for telling who was a slack ■■■■■■■ on their break.


I hope the conditions played a part in our times.

It doesn’t appear many of our guys are in the Elite or above category.


Conditions and a hill - I’d be thinking (based on the interview on the EFC Website) that it adds about 20-25 secs to most times.


Forest Gump would have made a mess of that track.


Who was the slowest? And with what time?


That’s it then.
Bring on 2019!


Although Ambrose, Clarke, Colyer, Langford, Long, McKernan and Ridley all managed to run PBs.

Maybe the younger guys are improving so much that they can still run PBs on a slower track, but it’s a little strange that Ambrose, Colyer and McKernan did… confused.


It’s windy as fark at Tulla. Absolutely would affect the times.

And the direction they ran would have had headwind as they were running up the hill on the far side. And no tailwind whilst protected from wind on the hangar side.


Yep definitely impacts the time if they are running head on into the wind which I imagine they were


Load up the VFL team.

When was the last time a team went undefeated?


Who was the West Coast fatty boombah that Woosha beat in the time trial a few years back?