2018 VFL Finals Eligibility


Soooo… assuming the rules are the same as last year, and that we don’t suddenly collapse… the ladder is a bit bizarre right now, with fourth through ninth all on seven wins: we lead on 134%, Footscray at the bottom of the bunch on 101%. However, despite our forward line issues and the injury news today, it would be an extreme surprise to see us drop out.

Basic rules:

  • play 13 AFL games or 0 VFL games, you’re out
  • if you play an AFL game after July 1, you must have played 6 VFL games to remain eligible

18 players are now eligible (but some are out due to injury):
NewLAV — shoulder surgery, done for year?
McNeice — likely available week 1
Loony — pending status of calf injury vs Port Powerless
B. Zerk-Thatcher
Redman — eligible but unlikely due to injury

Everyone else is out.


Thx DJR.

I was wondering who would be eligible.
That is very comprehensive and well written.

Cheers :+1:

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Thanks theDJR!

How does Fanta sit having played on 1st July? Is that 1st July cutoff “on or after” or just “after”.

Either way, if he plays AFL again, wouldn’t he need to play 5 more VFL games?

The wording is “after July 1”. Which is weird, I concede.

But yeah, Fantasia and wildcard section edited.

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Updated after rounds 17/15

Laverde one VFL game away from qualifying.

Green close to qualifying.

Parish and all of the “unlikely”s became less likely by being useful AFL contributors. But Colyer might get dropped.

But Essendon as a team, at risk of not qualifying?

I think it’s a small chance we miss out entirely, but if today’s team turned up for finals it would be entirely pointless.

Now that would be interesting !


Looks like Green and Laverde are almost certainties to qualify.
Colyer would be a chance, as a dropping from the AFL side is warranted, and likely with the imminent return of Raz and Zaka.

Stewart and Brown are interesting.
Having them both available in the VFL Finals would give that team a huge chance of defeating anyone.
From the info provided above, it looks like we could easily manipulate eligibility to have them both qualify, but with the seniors still a chance, the most likely scenario is that neither will.

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Given both Brown and Stewart have now played patches of footy in the VFL (but at seperate times), which of the 2 would you prefer to be going into the Finals with, if you had to choose 1 ?

Can’t see colyer, Myers or parish qualifying unless worsfold deliberate drops them so they will qualify.

I’d be a lot less nervous with Brown when it comes to converting scoring opportunities… but I don’t see him being dropped from the AFL team right now.

Also, bring in Daniher :slight_smile:


It would be truly surreal 12 months on from 2017 if we go into the VFL finals with JD, Stewart and Green in our forward line…


And Smack wins our goal kicking in the seniors just to top it off


Updated 22 July:

Unlikely candidates Smack, Fantasia, and Zaharakis are out.

Laverde qualifies.

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Updated July 29:

Green has qualified, but Guelfi and Dea are no longer possible.

Injury permitting, Colyer and Stewart are good chances to qualify.

Parish/Myers/Langford/Brown are almost certainly out.

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No update yet, even though I am more than capable of doing it myself (I’m lazy).

I am disappoint !

Maybe we should try getting back into the eight first… or no one qualifies!

Will do tonight.


Updated 6 August:

No one in or out this week.

Colyer now very unlikely, as he needs to be dropped now to play all three VFL games.

Myers and Langford need to be dropped now (in Myer’s case, a three week injury would also suffice).

Of course, the team is trying hard to not qualify…


Updated 12 August:

Colyer, Langford and Myers are out.

While not actually confirmed, you can pretty safely assume that Parish and Brown will also be out come next week, and also that Stewart will qualify next week.

At which point the only question left is whether we play finals, and whether Joe D makes a surprise appearance.