2018 VFL + VFLW Season - 4 players named in Teams of the Year

LOL Port Melbourne, against Casey.

Start the game by kicking 1.8 (including 5 posters!) to 0, then 9.15 to 15.8 for the rest of the game.

You’d think scoring 33 times, 10 more than the opposition, would give you a good chance to win.

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Preuss had 75 hitouts today, Sandringham had 8 in total :astonished:

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Anyone know if Hocking is likely to play on again next year?

Why did C7 not show one of today’s finals?

Because they didn’t realise that there was a bye for the AFL and they don’t like money?

Atleast they showing us tomorrow. And they have a game tonight on prime time

that’s probably why, I didn’t realise that.

Casey Demons smashed the Cats 20.9 129 to 4.14 38
BH Hawks 13.18 96 to 13.7 85 (sadly, I am a Borough fan from before the Dons went VFL)

So that leaves Willy as the only non-AFL side left in the finals.

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LOL, that piece of crap Punt Road is collapsing. Tiny crowd allowed in, the lights just failed to force a stoppage.

They have temporary supplementary lighting so it’s not actually dark.

(Willy lead 60-41)

If Willy lose this as a result of the lights, and this quick break/rest for Tiggers. Oh ■■■■…

I hope the EVACUATION siren goes off too, like at Dreamtime earlier this year.

Fark Richmond and fark Punt Road Oval.

How hard is it to have lights working for a full game?

Wouldn’t surprise me if some annoyed Tigers official threw the switch to stop Willy’s momentum.

lol a timer that turns itself off at 9pm

Right and they knew that but didn’t do anything to stop it?

I’d be surprised. As noted, the game earlier this year was stopped for an extended period due to a random siren, the stand roof was dripping when it hadn’t rained for ages… the place is a serious dump and has been so for years.



So they now decide to take 3 1/4 time early and they will add the extra time to the last 1/4.

And let there be light

Willy get a slight wind advantage out of this. Wind is ~10kph from the SSW, ground is oriented SW-NE.


Seagulls dominated the play but just kept bombing it long to a pack and so couldn’t goal. Now the Tigers are getting a run on as the 1/4 drags on and players tire

Yay, Willy win

“AFL Victoria would like to clarify the situation with the lighting outage at Punt Road Oval tonight during the third quarter of the Richmond versus Williamstown Peter Jackson VFL #LovetheGame qualifying final.

The issue tonight in the third term – at the 23 minute 39 second mark – was a computer thermal problem with the lighting towers at Punt Road Oval, with a globe overheating. The computer only resets once the globe cools, taking 12-15 minutes for lights to return.