2018 VFL + VFLW Season - 4 players named in Teams of the Year

Okay…so it was sheer coincidence that it happened at exactly 9pm, righto.

The men and women’s B&F are being run simultaneously.

After round 10, the men’s leaders are Anthony Miles on 16 and FRANGA on 8 (recalling that he missed the opening two rounds).

Geez, the umps love him.

Hind nominated for best upcoming player (in a field of five?). Did not win.

I’m not mentioning the name of this particular award SPIT but it used to be named the Fothergill-Round Medal after the only players to win B&Fs at VFL and AFL level.

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Vescio thanking the Essendon girls for handing her the goal kicking lead in the final round… I don’t think we had any freakin’ say in it.


Hayley Bullas in the top five candidates for Debbie Lee “upcoming” medal.

Doesn’t win.

VFLW team of the year: HAYLEY named in the forward pocket, legit got the biggest crowd pop of all 24 players.

She never played ANYWHERE near the forward pocket, but I’ll take it!


Update: Franga slides to fourth, just as he is about to depart to the AFL.

Miles still 16 leads Will Hayes 11.

VFL team of the year includes…

HepA – HBF
Hind – wing
Younan – FP

(Monfries – bench)


HBF ? Strange. HeppA is now in our top 3 inside mids.

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Pretty well established you pick your best 22 then worry (but not much) about where to place them…

Ugle is up to 6 votes as of round 11 (not clear if we have anyone between that and 10, the lowest of the leaders).

And gets 2 more vs Collingwood to move to 8 votes!

DeMatteo gets #5 Play of the Year for her sprinting goal against Geelong.

Lisa Williams © gets her first vote in Round 15. Our table is boisterous.

Jess Duffin got 3 votes versus us (not a surprise, she played off half-back and destroyed us) and will win, clear by 4 before the final round.

Vescio finishes on 15 votes: if she’d played the other half of the season…

(Mind you, Duffin just got the 3 votes in the final round too…)

Ugle 8
Moreau 5
Dematteo 3

And that’s all.

Umps see things differently.

Stewart not getting a vote against Werribee is a joke

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Hartley gets his first vote vs Collingwood in round 16. He’s no Steinberg.

Miles to 19. Richmond choke late, but that latest BOG might be enough to avoid getting run down.

(There are three players on 13.)

LAV gets his first vote versus Port in round 18.

Hind is BOG and moves to 10.