2018 VFL + VFLW Season - 4 players named in Teams of the Year

Versus Footscray, our return to form:

2 Ridley
3 Hind – moves into the top bunch with 13

Michael Gibbons now on 19 too.

Hind equal fourth.

Gibbons and Miles both >30 disposals plus 2 goals in the final round…

Hartley +2 = 3 was our only vote-getter versus Fark Northern.

And neither got a vote haha, tough umps to please

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Gibbons NO VOTES.


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Hind 13
Francis 8
Ridley 5
HepA 4

(There are more, and there was more space on the screen to show them, but we got short-changed.)

Ugle 8
Moreau 5
DeMatteo 3
Malliaris 1
Morecroft 1
Williams 1
Hardy 1
Nalder 1

Hind 13
Francis 8
Ridley 5
HepA 4
Merrett 3
Loony 3
Hartley 3
Younan 2
Parish 2
Green 2
Redman 2
Clarke 1
Stewart 1

Surely Hind gets a call up

That’s one talented gibbon.
Don’t actually think I’ve seen one of those play footy before.
Would they be a cat B?


That’s a long bow to draw.
Maybe monkeyist

#getbehindthegibbins #letthegibbonsswingfree

I hate to be “that guy”, but… zero likes for this?

Screw you guys.

Mark Williams to coach Werribee next year

Casey lead 26-1 early, Hawks have dragged that back to 5.9.39-3.4.22 at half-time including a goal from a free kick after the half-time siren.

Crowd looks like it could have fitted in at Port Melbourne…

Hind and Stewart get the #5 play of the year.

And switch off.

Game’s come to life in the 3rd.