2019 Draft Watch


Hopefully, the Academies don’t over-inflate their ladder position by dining out on depleted teams and effect the finals series.


Oakleigh and Sandringham are head and shoulders above the rest anyway, would be shocked if those 2 teams don’t play out in the grand final regardless

Eastern and Gippsland the only realistic ones that might also challenge if they get either of those teams on a bad day


Interesting selections, think we will go a tall key position player this year (another back) to develop in there somewhere. I’d also like to think that we will try and get into the first round

Ralphsmith will have Bomber supporters tearing their hair out at times when he shirks the contest. Looks good though and has traits and his type is exactly what we need. .

Mott is a jet who still has upside for mine as a classy onballer


I went down and watched the two matches today at Southport, Chargers v Suns and Eastern Vs Lions.

Was good to see the lions lose twice in a weekend :joy: that game was a cracker for eastern, so many of those lads cramping in the 4th but they still ran over the top of them.

Salele Feagaimalii is an absolute monster, he had 28 touches, kicked two goals, and has no tank what so ever. Boris was managing his TOG hard. But when he came on it was like Zion Williamson n a football jumper.

You want an inside bull, it’s this kid, he has an AFL body right now, all he needs to do is get fit.


Salele is tied to hawks academy I believe which sucks, I’m a fan of his and looks a good prospect next year


RS has improved that side of his game, not a bull by any means but he has shown some desperation to win the ball on a few occasions, Mott is class but speed and contested ball would be his queries at this stage.


When has that ever stopped us before?


That hasn’t stopped us before


I was under the impression that the multicultural background only applied to kids from Asia and Africa, and not the Pacific Islands


He’s 100kgs at 187cms

Blitz will love this kid if we get him


“A Begley type”

Does he have the explosive breakaway pace or is he a lump?


Watch the first minute of the Ranges v Lions game on the NAB league app


And that I’m thankful for :wink:


After Round 4


One parent from Asia or Africa, or both parents from a non-English speaking country. They haven’t specifically defined Asia, Africa, or non-English speaking country.


Doesn’t matter, id be offering up our second pick really quickly, and hoping the hawks won’t match


noah anderson has a fairly ■■■■ haircut.


Most of the kids have ■■■■ cuts tbh

Seeing Rowel and Anderson reminded me of this



Only if you can be bothered…I was wondering which of those top 40 players are tied to an AFL club (in a manner that will give them the ability to match a bid).


Will Martyn, Finn Maginess, Jackson Mead and Tom Green are the ones tied to clubs there.