2019 Draft Watch


Giants once again lucking out with a likely top 10 pick in Green.


For those that are interested, AA u18 vs Casey Demons game is up on Kayo/Fox after being played this morning.


Kysiah Pickett, nephew of, is a lively one. And his nickname is Koz.

u18s really lack a decent KPF


Rankings update


Thanks TD1…
What’s driving your thoughts on Mott?
Is Dow one for us to look at?
Where’s the bull in this year’s draft that we could look to pick up?
And my favourite tall in Mcasey - Defender or Forward? Do you see any similarities with any current day players? And ditto Dean…


I’ve gotta say after watching the Casey v AA u18, it probably isn’t the worst draft to be missing from the top 30.


Mott is one of my early favourites mostlyfor his ball use and composure, he was brilliant working with Rowell in a Metro trial game last week and for me is the type that will look even better with good players around him but struggle when he is the main man in the middle.

Dow shares alot of similarities to his brother with his attack on the ball, speed from a stoppage and ability to hit the scoreboard.

Hard to pick a bull when most are the smaller types and not a taller type that we are after, Robertson from WA is a bull but yeah is only 182cm.

Hard to say with McAsey because if eel he is a player that will go either end depending on which club takes him, personally like him down back and despite not getting a lot of the ball he didnt look out of place against the senior bodies of Casey on the weekend. Hooker might be a good comparison, for Dean its tough because he isnt exactly like any current players, maybe Tom Lynch from Adelaide but not as mobile but a better contested marker i beleive once he gets a mature body.


Thanks - With our picks should we be looking at Dow then? Could he play Baguley’s role on the half forward line? Like him if he’s anything like his brother

Then we look at Ralphsmith or a tall like Mcasey?

Not sure there’s a lot of quality this year


Didn’t get a lot of it but by all reports Taheny looked the goods in his SANFL debut with 3.1 against Port and did some really good things


Ash has leapt up your rankings.


Has he shown much through the midfield through juniors? And who would he compare to as a forward?


Anyone could play Baguleys role haha, i dont know yet since he would need good endurance which im not sure if he has yet

Hard to tell with this draft at the moment how deep it is, top 2 are set in stone for me with Anderson and Rowell


Wonder why he didnt get to play with the academy team? Ive only seen him once in that game before the grand final last year and cant say he impressed me so look forward to seeing how he goes at the champs


Yep the queires i had at the start of the year have been voided with the games he has played so far, he ticks alot of boxes and reminds me of Brendan Goddard in a few ways


Young looked fantastic in the Casey game. Good size, intercepted a heap and used the ball well. Not a need for us but will end up at the pointy end of the draft.

Dylan Williams also fantastic. Sticky mitts and a good decision maker / user. Played off half back but has also spent time forward where he hits the scoreboard. Really nice looking player.

McAsey looked good as a defender for mine. Reads the flight and courageous in the air.

Josh Worrell another that impressed. Played as a tall rebounding and intercepting defender, but moves through traffic like a midfielder. Could be developable as a taller mid. Clean hands and a good user.


Rowell confirmed himself as the best pure midfielder, reminded me of Merrett in the way he moved. Doesn’t have Merretts super boot though.


Haven’t seen a lot of him at juniors but in the SANFL reserves he started the first couple of games in the forward line and didn’t get a lot of it but kicked a few goals and took some strong grabs. The following week he played midfield and carved it up and looked really good with a bit of wow factor thrown in. Got called up to the SANFL against Port in a big game game and took some strong grabs by the reports I heard. Unfortunately I wasn’t there but from what I’ve seen of him the comparison to Jayden Stephenson from Collingwood is pretty fair


Is he related to Emily, who’s an Adelaide girl from Shaun Micallef’s show.


Don’t know his family background except that he is from the Eyre Peninsular


After Round 5