2019 Draft Watch


Ralph smith


Got an early look into the 2021 draft today and looks like Metro will either be very strong or Country very weak I’m thinking a mixture of both

Sandringham and Oakleigh again look like the big clubs but Eastern might have one of the better prospects in a kid named Tyler Sonsie. Looks like a mix between Josh Kelly and Dylan Shiel. Take Kelly’s kicking and Shiels run and carry especially. Another talented left footer in Josh Sinn a prospect from Sandringham who played everywhere and looked good all over the ground.

Indy Parish is exactly the same as Darcy but will be taller I suspect he is already 183cm.


Indy is the 4th?

Wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up similar to Cassidy, around the 190cm mark, and the other was KP height wasn’t he?

Were any of our other NGA kids playing? Egan?


Yep Indy is 4th and I predict will be as good of not better than Darc, they are so alike it’s scary although I don’t think Indy will get a lot taller just going of his body shape.

No only relevant one for us was Nyawi Moore son of NLM who plays nothing like his old man.


so he can’t belt the carr brothers’ sons?


If Nyawi can kick, run, and punish the offspring of the Carr brothers then I’m sold.


How does nyawi go?


I liked him, looked pretty raw and actual footy smarts and leading patterns need work but he certainly moved well and looked clean and made you notice him whenever he was around the ball, the opening goal that he scored was from a nice bit of play where he spun out of a contest and snapped nicely. Looks a good athlete and of course talented the main points to improve will be the hard running and improved footy smarts.


So does that mean he WILL make it as a ruckman?


Road to the draft episode 1

Luke Power guest - head of AFL Academy
not a great depth in key position or ruckmen - but the draft is pretty even.
This years draft looks even and deep.

Rowell v Anderson Both of them go to the same school and play at Oakleigh together.
Matt is more of a bull does inside work - can bully under 18 kids with his size.
Noah is more of a runner - more outside. And more of a threat up forward

Cal Twomey would pick Rowell just now.

Talk about Rowell potentially being a number 1 pick - compare to walsh - walsh has elite fitness standards and more outside.
Luke Power - Blues might get a priority pick …silence, laughs…
Lachie Whitfield - Big Liverpool fan

Rucks - Luke Jackson WA Aus basketballer
Nick Obrien - Oakleigh chargers
Jack Bell 202cm

Emerson Jekka - hurt knee might miss championships

Father sons - Jackson MEad - Port F/S - doing well

swnas no father sons of note this year but 2020 they have 2 exciting propescts in their academy -

  • Campbell 182-183cm spent 2 weeks training with swans they said he was almost the best kick on their list explosive half-back Braeden Campbell’s talent has already impressed onlookers ahead of their draft year in 2020.
  • Errol Gouldon outside mid just gets to contests.
    Errol Gulden is a smaller type but has an elite running capacity,

Bigoa Nyuon kicked three goals in the NAB AFL All Stars clash on Grand Final day and can join St Kilda as a NGA player this year. His brother, Gach, was picked as a rookie by the Bombers in 2015.



I was on the Final Siren Podcast to discuss the 16s trial games, check it out if you have a spare 25min or so


We’ve met with marlon Pickett


I haven’t paid attention to previous reports on him. What sort of player is he?


27yo, Athletic outside type can play inside a bit as well, hits the scoreboard, damaging 80m player. Hasn’t played a game this season with a broken finger, due back soonish.

He’s played HBF, HFF and has moved into the middle since Tim Kelly was drafted.

He’s now been linked to us and Richmond, we’ll pick before them though.

GC and saints showed interest end of last year both have apparently cooled on him. Sun’s will likely have a pick before us. Tbh he’d suit every team currently below us Norf, FCFC, Melbourne, he may be a tad too old for Sydney if they are going to rebuild though.


Saw north are linked to Adam tipingwuti as well.


Always trying to copy us


can we get 2 MSD picks? with devon dying and draper disintigrated?



You’re forgetting Myers retiring this week.


We can get all the players we didn’t think were good enough 6 months ago.