2019 Draft Watch


Just want to say again that I think we’ll have a first round pick next year.
Actually I think more than one is as likely as none.


so which players do you think we’re losing?


Depends who doesn’t get much of a run.
Just as an example, if we have Laverde and Begley fit all year…
Would or should we hang on to both if one’s not playing?
I think they’re too good for ‘depth.’

But could be any number of players, and it would be a good thing.


Difficult to see any of our young players on the periphery of the 22 drawing a first round pick out of someone.

However I do agree with the premise that with a strong list, someone may be ready to try and find greener pastures.


In looks yes but in play style no, has been exclusively a wingman/HB and I’ve yet to see much of a contested game. As an outside player though he is better than anyone in this years draft.


How about with a second round thrown in?


Possible I guess, but it’s generally pretty difficult to get those first round picks off of a club.

If you were considering losing a best 22 player, or a previous high draft pick who hasn’t broken into the side, then sure.

Mind you, the whole fairy dust points and academies bidding make almost anything possible.


I’m backing it in.
One, maybe two.


We have the ability to trade out a future to get back in aswell as another option.
It’s also more of a players market these days and there are plenty of stupid offers thrown up now. Not saying it’s going to happen but always the possibility of someone like the Suns throwing $1m a year at someone like McGrath or another promising kid


2019 Rankings


We pick up Mott and the prophesy is complete.


Who created that list?
Taheny at this stage would be miles ahead of Gould


I did, have only seen highlights of Taheny and his game for the all-stars which wasnt that great, Gould played championships so ive seen more of him, have spoken to a few SA scouts that have him higher anyway.


Fair enough.
I can only compare what I’ve seen at SANFL level and Taheny was streets ahead. Taheny was pretty banged up by seasons end so hopefully he is nice and fresh for the start of the season


This is sort of what I expect if we have a decent injury run. Someone will get limited time and want more opportunity elsewhere.
I just hope guys like Laverde and begley get a clear run to show us what they can do. I’m not a fan of laverde but would be happy for him to make a fool of me.



My interpretation of this is ‘we’re going to stop putting TAC/u18 games on youtube for free, instead you’ll have too buy a subscription for them through the app’. Cos that’s a very AFL thing to do.


Suspect we will identify which club needs points for an academy or f/S prospect and then offer our two r2s for a r1 pick particularly if it gives them more points


I don’t think that will be the case although you do have the SANFL using a paid subscription type of thing for select games every week but I expect this app to have a bit more going for it than just a streaming service for games.


Mahony will be lucky to be drafted
Young much higher than 7
Anderson before Rowell
Ralphsmith much later (outside sheepdog)