2019 Draft Watch


Johnson looks like a deadset clone of the old man (third from left)


When is Johnson eligible to be drafted?


This year


This was him last year




Was playing as a small forward but I did see him play through the midfield for parts in a Vic Metro 17s trial game last year


Mahoney is a light weight. Vanilla, Agricultural by foot. Picking up possessions and kicking a few goals does equate to having tricks. Saw him 5 times last year including School footy. Not one I’d use an early pick on, and strikes me as being a step under Chayce Jones who I’ve got question marks over as being a top liner. Thoughts on Mitch Meliss?

Ralph Smith doesn’t have anything on McInerney who I rated this year, and in fact alongside being flaky I’d also add that he lacks penetration in his running and by foot. Butler looks good, but he is better than Xavier Fry who didn’t get picked up this year?

Dean plays his best footy as a forward, great in the air, courageous and a leader. Haven’t see enough of his kicking to be concerned yet.

Mccasey is just a jet.


Will agree to disagree on Mahony, Mellis I like but his size is an issue and unlike Mahony hasn’t been as dangerous around goal although he could easily fix that this year.

Dean and McAsey will be interesting to see and where they get played at TAC level, I expect Dean forward for Xavier but with Bowman’s addition to the Sandringham line up atleast one of Dean or McAsey will play defence along with Worrell who can also go forward to great effect. Sandy look very dangerous for this year, Oakleigh has the midfield and I don’t mind the look of a few at Calder and Mason Fletcher and Josh Kemp could also improve to get them in the mix for the top 4 for the first time in what seems ages.


Calling it now. Jackets will live trade our picks on draft night for a first rounder.


Here’s a question for all those who can keep up with the AFL rules, can we trade both of our 2nd rounders this year for a player? or are we compelled to use at least one of them in the draft?


Well, it wouldn’t be a draft/trade period without Essendon leaving things to the last possible minute and the myriad of articles that enables


@SplitRound ?


Ha ha I think they’re both too small hence me bringing him up as a comparison point! .

Has Dean moved schools? He was at Wesley this year which I believe was a challenge as they were miles off the pace. It’d be good to see him at Xavier.

Worrell srrikes me as the classic third man up, in a role not dissimilar to Haynes from GWS.

I like Chirgwin this year. He might be a bolter.

Thoughts on Corey Watts?


Enough about those players, talk half back flankers to me.


No your right he is Wesley

Yep Worell reminds me a bit of Hayes although I think he is a bit quicker

Chirgwin is a tough one to rate but his height and smarts make him an interesting prospect

Watts a solid key defender but perhaps lacks the athleticism of Sandy’s other rated tall prospects


Yes we can trade them. There are no restrictions on trading picks from the current year, only future years


Hope we utilise our picks for a Jack Martin trade incidentally. Would round us out perfectly




Interesting analysis of the birth month impact on afl drafting. Seems recruiters are now taking it into consideration.