2019 Draft Watch


The Langford effect!


Langford a great example of this


That’s what I thought of when I saw it. Interesting that recent drafting has evened out, no longer biased against younger players.




you gonna cover the the girls and boys this year?


I watch enough footy as it is I couldn’t possibly cover the girls aswell, plenty on ADC still cover it and could do it better than I could anyway.

Speaking of which their is a practise match being player on Sunday that I’ll be attending, our academy player Lachlan Johnson has been named to play in the main team.


Anderson and Rowell staring for oakliegh so far, Bowman now plays for Sandy and has looked dangerous up forward


Lachlan Johnson is a tough little ■■■■■■■, quicker than I thought aswell


What is his draft range? Midfield?


Midfield/forward and late pick at this stage


I know it’s hard to say but do you think we will be able to convert our two r2 picks into a r1 pick?

Guess we need gws to miss the 8 which appears very unlikely.


I’d be using the 2 seconds this year if it where me, plenty of good players in that range.

With that being said I think a few teams who need the points would consider it.


After our last couple of years, Adrian is keen to go back to the draft but all about maximising our position.

The list has been complied so they can have run at it for a sustained period - hopefully it goes the way we all have want it to.


A lot of water to go under the bridge, we might have another run at Martin or another player, and we won’t know until later on in the year which position/s we may need to fill from a list perspective. Purely from a demographic standpoint though, getting back into the pointy end of the draft makes the most sense at this point in time.


The big blonde fella who trained with us in the pre-season has moved well up forward, a bit to work with there.

Lachlan Johnson is a good footballer but his height and lack of athleticism could hurt him

Noah Anderson is an out and out gun and Rowell was rested in the 3rd quarter, Dylan Williams has been quiet but played midfield in the 3rd and did some nice things


Bianco, Bell, Dean, Mccasey?


Bianco cruised and showed his class, McAsey took some nice contested marks and Bell did some nice things in the ruck. Dean played forward and did some nice things.

Ralph-Smith kicked 2 goals and also took a fantastic contested mark, another forward Jaquin Mifsud impressed me as did bottom ager Darby Hipwell. Louis Butler player half back and got better as the game went on. Finn Maginess was classy through the midfield aswell.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Auto correct can get stuffed