2019 Draft Watch


AFL will bring in something to fark us over.

You can count on it!

Then after that it will be back to normal business.


You say that as if that’s not “normal business”?


“The Essendon rule”.


Johnson will be taken as a rookie at best for any club, not a player for clubs to cry about


It’s the principle.


Principles don’t exist in the AFL


That’s the joke.


There are plenty of those in the AFL.


Isnt that exactly the same situation as Blakeys kid who went to the swans and was rated a top 10 draft pick. North still did alright getting Bailey scott.


We’re the ones putting time and resources into him. Brisbane pay what you owes us before we let him go.


Brisbane can get farked, if they haven’t put work into the kid to make him feel apart of the Lions family then it is their own fault, it sounds like they have already given up on him.

GWS is the last team that should be complaining about academies.

You could make an argument that any Indigenous player that goes through an academy hasn’t been converted to play AFL merely given the resources to get the most out of themselves.

Nick Blakely for the swans was in a much similar, if not worse situation, had a choice between 3 clubs and was a highly touted player from a young age and yet Sydney snaffled him up.


Will Gould in his senior SANFL debut had 24 touches and 11 rebounds

Dylan Stephens in the reserves with 36 touches and 12 clearances, he is very much like Parish down to the haircut


I’m watching Eastern v Western right now and I have to say if we keep our seconds and don’t trade up. I’m becoming more keen by the game on us grabbing Jamieson Rossiter. Key forward that should be there in the second round unless he has a big carnival.


At 190 I’m not sure what he brings that Laverde can’t, if we want a key forward for this draft Charlie Dean is the man, he kicked 5 in Round 1 and 4 in the game before Easterns


I feel like he’s a couple of cms taller than that now, around 193?

Also I’m not confident any more in Lavs body


I’m there live and he does look 190cm to me and that’s his measured height at pre-season combine, could still grow more I guess

It’s a shame about Lav, not too late to use Langford forward or even try Ridley.


How tall is Dean?

And what’re his strengths and weaknesses?


194cm, good leader and good leading patterns, not a bad set shot either.

Maybe lacks a touch of athleticism in terms of leap and top speed but he is good at ground level and can go back if needed.


Defensive pressure? Second efforts?

Is he angry or nice? This is important :yum:


You don’t see many talls in general put in massive pressure in the 18s, Dean I don’t think fits in either yet he doesn’t play nice but he isn’t someone that throws his weight around yet. My comparison for him would be closest to Tom McDonald but it doesn’t completely fit yet.