2019 Draft Watch


Noah Anderson 37 touches and 2 goals in the wet, your 2019 number 1 pick folks


I look forward to him playing for gws next year.


That made me laugh and cry


@THE_DON1 how are you finding the changes made to the TAC cup so far?


Having all the stats is good, not alway accurate but close enough, look forward to watching some of the replays with the interstate academies when I get a chance aswell.

I’m still trying to decide if the draft is better this year or not it’s looking similar to last year at this stage.


They still persisting with the superfluous 2nd day? Surely not?


Make that 44 disposals, he is a freak


Wheres the highlights?!!


Inside Midfielders, Small forwards and Ruckman should be our focus this year.

I hope we can find a state leaguer like Tim Kelly!


Mid year rookie draft could be handy for us!


Yeah we should be hitting that up!


Big fan


You mean like Sydney Stack whom richmond got for nothing.

Headcase or not, I would’ve liked a bit of his mongrel in the midfield over the past few weeks.


My rolling mock draft again this will be a weekly thing so yeah a rough start but here you go


Can’t see Anderson moving from the top spot, looks a good year for Oakleigh, although I expect Sandy to win the premiership.

Trent Rivers and Deven Robertson are two from WA that I’ve heard some good things about, it should be a good year for WA


Hey mate - would it be difficult to put their usual playing position in your sheets?


I probably could and thought of why I didn’t in the first place, I could even just describe them anyway

Daniel Mott - Inside/Outside Mid - Classy ball user and composed.

Hugo Ralph-Smith - Wingman/Medium forward - Classy runner with good athleticism

Sam Ramsay - Wingman/Rebound defender - Quick and agile with a booming left foot


Hope we are into Tom Wilson as a cat b rookie.


@THE_DON1 Are the Northern Academies good? or are this weekends results due to APS kids being unavailable for the Melbourne sides?


Plenty of teams missing some key players so no wouldn’t say the academy teams are that good.

Oakleigh losing all their guns but don’t think their depth is that good anyway

Sandringham missing half their side

Northern aren’t that great anyway and missed their best players

Calder missed their captain and vice captain

Eastern winning no suprise since they have strong depth

NT losing also not a suprise because they are not even close to even the worst NAB sides.