2019 FF Original discussion thread



In preparation for the upcoming season, like all seasons a reminder you can’t take part in the draft until the annual entry fee is paid.

Note: Please use your blitz user name as your reference number


On behalf of the entire competition I am absolutely thrilled to welcome @saladin to our FF original competition.

Saladin is a longtime and regular blitz poster and has proven his dedication by strongly contributing and managing a FF team in the other competition. And above all, Saladin is a quality bloke that will be lots of fun to interact with, talk trades and general banter.

Welcome Saladin and good luck managing the retirement village. I’m looking forward to seeing how you go about it especially with your first draft pick at pick 78!!





Welcome Saladin…


Firstly sad to see @westozziebomber leave the competition, I loved his activity, banter and willing to take risks with his side trade wise that few before had done. I hope he still manages to visit every now and again, and always welcome back.

And also a warm welcome to @saladin. I was spewing when joined the other league first as he was a quality, active poster, so thrilled to welcome him into the league and interested to see how he manages to turn his eldery peoples home around.

I’m pumped for the new year, reckon @Allblack and @wimmera1 are primed for a breakthrough premiership but of course @Fudge & @Awesome_Scotty will be hard to beat with @Windy_Dill back amongst it. Also looking forward to the improvement of a lot of teams that started to take massive steps last year.


I wish I wasn’t as confident about Foggy winning as I was about John Rain.
But I am.


Thanks!! I hope you have some finals success.

I think this season, the team I field will be the best team I have fielded. And that includes the year I won the flag. Hopefully I’m not cursed with injuries like I have been the last two seasons.


Payment sent.

Looking forward to the season.
I have done no research so unsure if my players have had interrupted pre-seasons.
Will have to start doing some research in the next few weekends.


Thanks for the invite, everyone.

I’m sitting here at 5.40am, having a coffee before heading off to work and I’ve just had a preliminary look at the list I have inherited. Radio Carbon isotopes date the genesis of this list to circa 1575 AD!! What the heck!?

Only joking, Wob won premierships in both leagues. You can’t argue with that. I’m sad to see him depart, an excellent fella and good fun in FF. All the best mate. Multiple Premiership coach is no mean feat. Outstanding work. I’ll try to keep your team in the hunt.

To the League coaches, I’ll be as active as I can be in these threads. I’ll try to scan through them and get an idea on how your League works for FA, drafting, onfield layout (5,6,2,5?), keepers lodgement ( aside- how does one predict which of the 25 blokes over the age of 30 are least likely to fall off the cliff, lol) , LTI rules etc but I’ll probably be asking some questions nonetheless.

Fog, I’ll send you the entry fee tonight hopefully. I need to find the random code generator thingy for new online transfers. In the house move, it’s in a box. Somewhere…

I presume I need a UF invite to log into the comp.

So let’s get into it, I guess. Time to write down the list, do some research for picks 504, 505 and come up with a strategy.

See you all on the threads. Thanks again to all.

Edit- oh, and first point of business is to announce the immediate and humiliating sacking of Brendan Whitecross. Fark Hawthorn.


Looking forward to the screenshot of your notes from this draft. Going to be a tough one for you to plan and research.



I have a job to do this morning, then a break before two more in the arvo.

I’ll start having a think and write some stuff down in that period for both leagues. And try to find list lodgement dates etc for this one.


Welcome saladin.
Just to help you out.

UF league hasn’t opened yet. Dunlop usually starts it and updates the player positions to suit.
In the past keepers have been the Friday before Victorian Labour Day and the draft begins on Labour Day (although it up to the coach with the pick if they wish to take it on the Saturday or Sunday before draft begins). Dunlop will confirm dates when he gets the chance.

Best of luck.


Thanks mate.

I presume the draft order thread is correct? Wob starts at #78 and will have three picks post #180.

Just looking at the trades, he brought in Grigg, McVeigh, H Shaw and Mav Weller mid-year. Obviously was pushing hard for the 2018 flag.


The draft thread should be right. Will check my picks later on tonight for accuracy.
The current squads thread may not be up to date to reflect trade week as I still don’t have David Swallow on my list.


Money sent foggy.

Sorry to see ya leave WoB. Was a blast having you in our league.

A big welcome to @saladin . The biggest difference you’ll find in the comp is the FA set up. I’ll shoot ya a pm about how we do it, unless someone has already done this?

Looking forward to the year ahead. If my boys can find some consistency I think we surprise a few teams.


Done! Welcome to the asylum @saladin :smile:

Big year of FF ahead! Can’t wait!!


Money sent.

Reasonably clear on the keepers.

Zero idea on what happens at pick 78. Two names on the ‘possible’ list. When that list reaches 79 I’m guaranteed to get someone “we never expected to be available”. Happy days.


Payment received from:



Mine will get there but maybe a couple of weeks.


Payment sent. Welcome @saladin