2019 FF Original discussion thread


From the FA thread:

III. Weekly Signing Deadline

For each round, players must be signed by the start of the first game of that round.

Teams that fail to do this will be automatically prevented by Ultimate Footy from naming that player for the round.

The only instance where the deadline has been changed was the Anzac Day round where foggy FAs were processed after the first game was played.


Oh yep, so I can’t use Zaka this round?


Nope, UF locks players into a team (or FA) once a round starts. So you can’t use Zaka, but you can use L’OB.


Zaka playing back to toy with me now.


Sorry I meant to congratulate you on your strong win last week @wimmera1 it was an oversight. I think you are pretty much a top two side and I would not be surprised if you and @Allblack are our two grand finallists.

On to this week, it is a bit of a shame that our game against @Fudge and his Gisbourne Obliterators is marred by the crucial ruck matchup of the two best ruckmen in the comp*, Grundy v Gawn occuring during the bye week. It could have provided some genuine interest had their performances been live this week. But then again last week when they did play on each other in the AFL, it was probably a bit of a fizzer, so who knows?

So maybe @Dunlop needs to get a better crystal ball for next season so we don’t get the same sort of farcical bums off seats spectacle that is this round. :wink:

  • May not definitely be the two best ruckmen on form this season but on paper it would be pretty close to it.


Unless I’m mistaken, your mob has a total score of 1358.
I need Mason Wood (68 avg), Jed Anderson (80 avg) and Marley Williams (52 avg) to score a total of 224 today to win.
It’ll be a close one.

If we made that trade last week, I would have won!


Might see if I can pinch Ben Stratton in FA’s this week.


93 on his club debut from Burton. If he can average that for the next five years I’ll be happy.


Pity I had to trade Mitch Duncan, Robbie Gray and Zach Tuohy.
I’ve had Robbie Gray since 2013, Duncan since 2016 and Tuohy since 2015 (I had him before that a few times as well).
All three have served this club greatly and have been a key reason why I was able to sneak through to 2 preliminary finals in that time.
Unfortunately, whilst they are still performing well I didn’t feel my team was really a threat to anyone in the top six and it’s time to rebuild.
I don’t believe I need to slide down and be a bottom 4 team to rebuild. The next trade period will be a very important one as I look to trade Callan Ward and Dayne Beams.

I’m rapt to get Rory Atkins. I’ve been wanting to try and find a way to get him since Dunlop snapped him up. But I was never really willing to give up the assets for him. I think he can push his way into the mid 90s bracket.He’s still 25 so he’s buys me 4 years to try and build my next team.

Was glad to also get Blake Acres. I originally drafted him, then traded him (maybe for Harley Bennell) so I rated him a while ago. He’s having a rough year but I see him pushing his way up to 85 or 90 in the next few years. He’s 24 so as with Atkins, he buys me some time to build my next team.

Ed Phillips was the wrong Phillips I was chasing but I’ll take him. I dropped the ball in the Tom Phillips negotiations and was probably a bit naive along the way. I was hoping to snap up Ed Phillips in the draft but I was looking elsewhere at the time. He is capable of similar scoring output to Tom but still has to work for his opportunities at the Saints. He’s 22 and has the rest of the season to cement a spot in my 20 keepers at the end of the season.

I still like my list. There’s really only Daniel Lloyd, Spargo, Curtis Taylor, Tom Hickey, Harry Jones and Marley Williams who are unlikely to be keepers at the end of the season.


Lochie O’Brien had a good game last night, he’ll be a player.


I rate Atkins, only problem is that he’s prone to one howler every four weeks, if he can improve consistency he’ll turn into a very good player for you. Picked up Acres last midyear trade period and probably hasn’t delivered the consistency I’d like either but reckon he should pick that up if he goes back to the wing.

At the end of the day the trade was a bit of a no brainer for me, based on averages this year improves my side by 50ppg and Duncan is an absolute gun, hopefully in time he can push onto a bank flank to grab B status, but probably wishful thinking.


Rip-roaring clash @Vandrs:

Pre-game predicted score: You 1350 - me 1349

Current score (1/2 time): 1227 vs. 1305

Only processed one other match so far - Predicted Score (pre game):

saladin 975 vs. Crazy Bomber 1329


Doing better than my Jye Simpkin trade. :confused:


Current Scores (3/4 Time) - In Play:

Vandrs 1288 vs. Dunlop 1322 (3 v 1)
@Stoops 1358 (fs) vs. @Blummers32 1297 (0 v 3)

All Over:

saladin 938 vs. Crazy Bomber 1269
Jefferson 1210 vs. Smoten 1426
Dill 1294 vs. Allblack 1476
fogdog 1491 vs. Goodthur 1186

Still to be Processed:
Mad vs. Fudge
topdon vs. wimmera
Neela vs. wezza


I am ready to get hurt in a close loss again


Nah you’re safe.
I need 36 points in five minutes.


5 minutes left

Vandrs has to chase down 10

Anderson had a crucial shot at goal but missed for Blummers - still needs to chase down 36. Highly unlikely from here


3 mins left

Vandrs still needs 10


Kick and mark to Greene and a free against Coniglio should just have the Seagulls sneak home.


Ahhhhh poooooo