2019 FF Original discussion thread




Looks great @Awesome_Scotty. Seems I’m missing Luke Ryan off my list though.


@dunlop Can I please place Birchall on the LTI list?


Great work on the Spreadsheet. Love it!

1292 predicted for me… need a lot of my younger players to improve for me to be a threat this year.


What!? Luke Lavender not named!? Shocked.


Damn. Hayes named as emergency.

Can field a full side though, with a little backup on the bench.


@Awesome_Scotty love the spreadsheet. Looks like I got allocated the wrong B Smith, how do I change this?


@Vandrs I think you drafted Liam Ryan? @blummers32 has Luke Ryan… but yes, needs to be fixed.

@jefferson… i think you have the right B Smith (by position), we’re just figuring out a way to fix the duplicate name players! :slight_smile:
Hopefully we’ll have an answer soon!

Dtlive only do first initial and last name which is a bit annoying so no unique identifier.


From where and how often to you download the scores?


I think I got Brodie Smith vs Bailey Smith, have filled in the other positions for now.


This could get ugly between @saladin and me. I’m as many as five short. Gonna have to hit the free agency market hard this coming week.


Sheesh, that’s a tough start!

You’d reckon jack Martin will play, but a couple of others are 50-50.

That said, I’m not looking likely to get much out of Garlett or Weller.


Cuningham providing the inspired draft selection, 66 in a half!


Nah Liam Ryan was a keeper from last year. Cheers


Lol what did you mean by Luke Ryan? He was a keeper for Blummers?




I think it was a solid decision to keep H McKay last minute over Scharenberg.


Is the spreadsheet supposed to work on an iPhone?


Download google sheets.
It works well, but it is clunky and at times the drop down disappears too quickly.


Works best on PC, little clunky on the iPhone.

Dunlop about to post updated scores.