2019 FF Original discussion thread


Love the spreadsheet by the way . Awesome work!


Ohhh opps. Don’t know why I said Luke Ryan. I meant Liam Ryan!!


Projected scores after game 1 this season!

Windy Dill 1,377 vs.saladin 1,377
Mad Bomber 1,392 vs. Vandrs 1,375
Fudge 1,290 vs. Allblack 1,442
Stoops 1,374 vs. fogdog 1,426
Neela 1,290 vs. Albert 1,252
wimmera 1,473 vs. Dunlop 1,291
topdon 1,332 vs. Jefferson 1,116
Crazy 1,293 vs. Blummers 1,353
wezza 1,292 vs. Smoten 1,293

Note - the “average” score column updated from the 2018 score to the 2019 average after they’ve played a game.


I don’t know how you get the spreadsheet to automatically download the data, but that is genius.

Any way a live ladder can be thrown in somewhere?


you have your drawing modelling, I have my excel modelling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

haha, yeah eventually. first point of business is to try fix these players with duplicate names, but will work on that and then highlighting players who might be injured in a different color.


Can you filter the formula by team and name?
Assuming it downloads team as well. Makes it a slower formula, but will work.


Yeah the source data (the link I posted earlier), doesn’t have time name.

So I’m going to manually update those duplicate guys. The have team but it’s only an image rather than text (I’ve sent them an email).

The other thing I thought would be to use their positions, however, on DT live both A Brayshaws are “mid” only.


J Lewis a late out. Got a feeling we’re going to be susceptible to this sort of thing all year. Unfortunately Jonas on the bench has a lockdown role, really need him to get some footy in the 2nd half.


Poor from Burgoyne. Marshall missing most of the last term not ideal. Poor from Jonas.

Very average start.


Pray for Doedee.


Hope you’re enjoying the Oscar Allen show, Blummers.


I don’t have Foxtel.
But from the feed, he’s doing very well.


He looks pretty good.


Total mixed bag from my team. Happy to see Burton and Witherden have strong games.


Very very pleased with Sparrow and Blakey first up!


So far this round, I’m very happy with Constable and the first game from Rozee.

Low light is Tom McDonald as a forward. He was a FF machine as a defender.

My drafting strategy was focused on backs, yet still I’m hanging on by a thread. Get Thompson back from suspension next week at least.


Naughton looked great, although you probably drafted him wanting to stay a B though.


Ebert played the first three quarters as a deep forward.


Naughton B,F :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Joyce appears to be a solid citizen.
Unexpected and welcome.