2019 FF Original discussion thread


Matty Parker with a lovely first half. Will above expectations


Sorry, I’ve been working all of yesterday but scores updated now.


Barely got a touch after half time.


Haha I’ve been trying to get Powell off wezza since he got him in the FA last year! Looking good.



  • Trade recruits in O’Meara & Houli both score over 100
  • Sam Walsh (pick 1) 80+ on debut
  • Willem Drewe (pick 31) 80+ on debut
  • Ricky Henderson (pick 36) 80+
  • David Cuningham (pick 57) 80+
  • Josh Battle (pick 64) 60+
  • Banfield (pick 65) 80
  • All my remaining draft picks apart from Giro put in solid scores
  • Newnes looks back in form whilst promising from Liberatore and Dunstan

The BAD:

  • Playing two short
  • Where the hell is Will Brodie?
  • Riewoldt’s worst score for over a year
  • Backline needs work


LTI Doedee, please.


The good…

  • The round was looking great on Friday night.

The bad…

  • Saturday and Sunday happened.
  • We lost.

The ugly…

  • We lost to a team playing two players short.
  • Four players couldn’t bridge a 10 point gap against two players across 3 farking quarters.


Very happy coach here. Nice win in round one against an opponent I fully expect to go very deep.

The good

  1. 1500+ without Caddy and Josh Kelly
  2. Matt Parker and Alex Sexton stepping up from my draft crop.
  3. LDU looking like a footballer.
  4. MacPherson stepping in where he left off before injury last year.

The bad

Nothing really. Week one with 21 scorers and coverage everywhere means draft strategy looks ok early.


Well, Wobs boys (plus a few draftees) got home for an opening win!

Only because Windy was playing four short! Very unfortunate, I wouldn’t have been close if you’d had 18.

But I did draft to avoid shortages and I have a few injuries already to deal with. So I can claim a little input.

Schache, Garlett and Marshall were all a bit meh, but they did enough. Marshall will be alright, I reckon. Missed most of the last due to a collision.

Narkle was Best On for the cats ressies so that’s promising.

Not sure what Lewis’ injury was.


lti vickers-willis (for another year) please Dunlop


Too good @Vandrs well done. I thought we might have had a shot earlier today with Lonie going well and Ross doing ok.

What happened with Sam Collins? From THursday night till now UF had him as not playing but he did and had the princely score of 21 according to Fan Footy.

Coniglio stepped up for you unfortunately for us and the Bombers.

Good luck for the rest of the season.


Not that I know if this cuased the issue for certain but UF setup a new player ID for Collins, while I am guessing CD used the ID he had when previously listed at Freo. Therefore their auto feed of stats would not have linked.


He’s a gun!! Pity he couldn’t just wait till round 2 to show it.

Was a scrappy contest between us, but I’m happy to get the win on the board.

Good luck to you too.


I am now an advocate of a 1 Round FF season! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Bad

  1. Losing Doedee for the year. He looked on the way to an 85-100 game before the injury hit, so to miss out when he looked like taking another scoring step up is disappointing. Good luck to the kid.
  2. Smack was terrible.
  3. Franklin didn’t score well, but I’m encouraged by the way he piled on 30 points in about ten minutes. Hopefully better for the run.

The Good

  1. Pretty decent score that was enough to get over the Seagulls who came home like a steamtrain.
  2. Good, solid scores across the board, which is exactly how I like it. Just four sub-seventy scores; the injured Doedee, Franklin who I’m confident will do better next week, Jenkins (68), and McKernan who may very well be kicking off the dew next week.
  3. May comes back from suspension to fill the hole left by Doedee against the hated Knights this week. Looking forward to a good old-fashioned thumping.


Bailey Scott, Wil Powell, Jack Graham :heart_eyes:


Well done wimmera, a very strong first up score and I’m sure you’ll be strongly competing for another top 4 position.


If people could tag me when making requests - that’ll save me accidentally overlooking a post.

@wimmera1 - Doedee confirmed
@Alber_Goodthur - EVW confirmed

@Stoops - Sorry mate, but that is a no on Birchall.
You traded him in from Craze with the PCL injury and he was listed as indefinite pre-draft with that injury, so only this new calf injury can qualify for LTI purposes. Unfortunately according to Hawthorn here it is only minor. So whilst the AFL has omitted mentioning the PCL on its injury list, it is still the PCL that is the main factor in his return date: indefinite (PCL) + 2-4 weeks (calf) = indefinite.


Only had 9 responses to the questionnaire so far, would love a few more over the next few days so I can post the results before the weekend.

Oh and @Awesome_Scotty, I still can’t select Liam Ryan in my forward line on your spreadsheet. Thanks


Sorry mate,. I’ll try to get the Q back to you in the next day or so. I’ve been trying to look at some squads to have a valid answer to some of those questions.


did you PM them?