2019 FF Original discussion thread


Yeah I did. Got the wrong ■■■■■■ Albert again. I’ll resend it


No worries @Dunlop - what about Hannebery?


Yep, you can have Hannebery.


For the FA requests, should I just PM you @fogdog ?
Or send it to yourself and your protege @Awesome_Scotty ?


I sent mine straight to fog


Why don’t we set up a Blitz account named ‘FF Original FA’ and send all PMs to them? Fogdog and Neela can both have the passwords to the account and log in whenever the other isn’t available.


Is it tonight.


Tomorrow night. 9pm cut-off.


Bingo!!! Great idea


Send all the FA requests to me through the normal channels at this stage and as the season progresses, where I can’t do it, I’ll get @Awesome_Scotty to help. I’ll forward the requests onto him in those instances.


Jack Ross named as an emergency. That’s fine, only round 2 and in the frame. Inching closer.


No info or expecting Mutch to play this week or any time soon, just a gut feel with the FA selection. I need to find my next gen of players and no point waiting for next trade/draft.

Hopefully Quinton is close to selection after his BOG in the reserves last week .

Woodcock has kicked goals every week for Port Magpies but I doubt he gets a run early. Especially with them starting well with a crop of kids already.

Hayes got good reports in the Dogs VFL match, but doubtful they change a winning side.

Lewis withdrew with a hammy problem so I dare say he’s looking at a couple more weeks out.




Can’t have em all, Wez. :grin:

Besides, he’s a somewhat speculative pick and you’re better off without him. :+1::yum:


Fixing it up in the next day or so.

If everyone else could update their teams for round 2, it would be ace. Saves me from updating all teams.


Cheers. My team is updated except for Ryan


Killed at the selection table!


Apologies for not utilising FA’s last night despite being short. I’ve explained myself to fog and happy to accept any strike/warning deemed fair.

I’m happy to send the reason to any coach through PM too, it’s not quite something I want to share so openly.


Full team so far, but not a good opening from Cotchin and Weller. Bench depth is a bit dicey with Grigg, Lewis and Hooker all injured. Shipley as an EMG hints at positive news at some point.

Narkle and Hayes not even EMG’s is disappointing. Need them both to have good reserves hitouts again.


Can I get Josh Smith (the West Coast guy) added to my list on the xls sheet?