2019 FF Original discussion thread


Updated the duplicates, scores for first two games and all team lists (ideally everyone will manage their own teams, as it’s a lot of work putting in 324 names).

Team 1 Pre-round projected score Actual + Forecasted score Team 2 Pre-round projected score Actual + Forecasted score Expected winner Score
fogdog 1,381 1,347 Fudge 1,352 1,355 Fudge 1,355
Crazy 1,178 1,213 wimmera 1,569 1,598 wimmera 1,598
Blummers 1,310 1,311 wezza 1,354 1,349 wezza 1,349
Allblack 1,535 1,535 neela 1,204 1,194 Allblack 1,535
Dunlop 1,360 1,343 topdon 1,456 1,475 topdon 1,475
Smoten 1,295 1,303 Mad Bomber 1,262 1,314 Mad Bomber 1,314
Albert 1,201 1,239 saladin 1,206 1,170 Albert 1,239
Jefferson 1,155 1,159 Stoops 1,413 1,351 Stoops 1,351
Vandrs 1,399 1,438 Windy Dill 1,305 1,289 Vandrs 1,438


So we can update our own FA selections?


It could’ve been a good game between Dill and I, instead he’s 2 short ( is this ban worthy?) and I’ll just smash him like Scotty’s spreadsheet suggests.


A. I’m one short
B. I’ll cruise to an easy win.

Last week I was four defenders short, this week I’ve got two scoring defenders on the bench. Of my forwards Kinda expected Wingard to play this week, or at least one of Tarryn Thomas or Hrovat to come into North’s team.


No. Given he’s utilised FAs and genuinely been unlucky at the selection table, this is clearly not tanking or manufacturing a result.

If it consistently happened or there were players playing that weren’t selected, that would be a different story.


Was a ■■■■ take.


This is the second week in a row that I’m up against an opponent who is short in the backline whilst I’ve got a full list of 18.
Hopefully I take full advantage of it this time and don’t hand in an Essington performance…


Mr duursma! Bestill my beating heart


AFL stats feed is down, just to make it extra exciting for anyone with a close one.


Great isn’t it?

Schache just kicked a goal so I’m at least 9 points better off than it shows.


Ummmmm, I have the Tigers projected to win by one point against the Knights, despite them being three players down…


Who had Alex Sexton last year? May end up being the biggest bargain in the draft


I think CB had Sexton.

I’m on target for a comfortable win against @wezza.


Congrats to @jefferson . You’ll win easily . Not one player breaks 100 for us. Now have Burgoyne (hammy) to add to Lewis hammy.

It has begun.


Don’t think I’m playing you this week (?)


Sorry, correct. I think it’s @Alber_Goodthur ?


Harbrow Colyer and Mundy against my Conca and lukosious.

only 100 odd points in it


130 odd with a quarter and a bit to go and Mundy struggling. you’ll be fine mate.


Well done fudge. Too strong again.

Lots underperforming for me.

Giants better pick Mumford next week. Or else I’ll be three weeks in a row with three ruckman on the sidelines.

Hope Wines isn’t too far away either.


CB hits the front with five minutes to go.
Losing May and Shiels hurt, and I don’t know what happened to Ed, but no excuses against 15.
Well done, @Crazy_Bomber