2019 FF Original discussion thread


Happy to open with a couple of wins against very good teams. Doesn’t get any easier next week with Wim.

The good

  1. My forward line. 545 points is huge.
  2. Alex Sexton. Pick 163 and he just hit 100 after 78 last week. A steal.
  3. Good to see Fyfe back in shape.

The bad

  1. The backline. 395 is not good enough. Vlastuin should be golden but just not performing
  2. Zorko starting this year like he did last season.
  3. 9 players under 80. Rubbish.

We’ll take the win and check out the FA this week for a bit more depth.


The good…

  • We won. After last week’s debacle, that’s big. Scoring 1393 (by my count) is a good sign.
  • Five players tonned up. Robbie Gray and Wallis weren’t too far behind.
  • Josh Smith had a decent debut. Has kept his spot on the list for the short term.

The bad…

  • Newman, ANB and Elliot were poor performers and didn’t back up their round one scores.
  • Sean Darcy has had an underwhelming start to the season.
  • Probably should have scored closer to 1500.

The Ugly…

  • Six players failed to score 60 points.
  • Ethan Hughes and Wilkie don’t deserve to be in the starting 18.
  • Nathan Broad? Averaging 33? Will be delisted.



When I said ‘fill the hole’ I didn’t mean take the ‘go down in the first quarter’ role.


Too good mate.
Dumont being a late out meant I couldnt reshuffle and cover his absence, but the back short was my fault. I have Roberton in both leagues and have covered him as a LTI in League 2 and forgot I had a free swing at this FA’s in this league.



  • CRUSHING the “hated” arch rival and over confident Pimpino Tigers with not one…not two…but three short! Undefeated to start the year and was on track for between 1500-1600 if had a full team in.

  • My midfield is a powerhouse right now, tons from O’Meara, Henderson, Brad Hill, Liberatore whilst Newnes up forward and Mihocek both powered onto tons. With another six 85 or above to boot. Nice.

  • My team is taking shape. Willem Drew is making me very happy so far in his first proper year, SPP improving, Banfield scoring well, and yet to see WIll Brodie/Kruezer/O’Brien and both Kennedy’s. Definitley an upward trend from last year which is great and a good draft haul is helping.


  • I don’t understand what they’re doing with Luke Dunstan. Scores well as an inside player, and played 56% game time, why?

  • Riewoldt injured possibly for two months. Damn.

  • Need to fix our shortage issues.


That was me mate, I loved Sexton last year as he was magic on his day but playing in a crap team hurt his consistent scoring. Spewing I kept Josh Kennedy over him in hindsight but good pick, he’s a class player.


Love your work.


The Good.

No Donuts.
Schache plucks an 87!? We’ll take that.
Harbrow tonnes up in the final moments to finally give us a 3 figure score.
Colyer an unexpected 80+
Jack Ross may be a chance to debut next week. Narkle witheld from VFL game so might be in frame for Geelong v Crows on the short turnaround.
Didn’t select him but Kolo scored 77.

The Bad.

1241 won’t win many games. (Checks: would have won one contest and drawn another this week)
Burgoyne hamstring. Inevitable but also disappointing.
12 players scored under 80. Several under 50.
Injuries mounting and going to be hard to juggle the list unless a couple of kids get games.
Garlett will be fortunate to survive Carlton selection, let alone mine.
Vardy is really struggling.


The Good

  • Notching the 1st win of the season
  • The young guns in Bowes, Cole, Petruccelle, Stephenson & De Goey stepping up
  • Having Hickey on the bench with 102 and some more players to hopefully come back from injury

The Bad

  • Not having a player on field cracking the ton, and yet to have one for the season
  • Mills not taking a step up, still expecting him to have a big year
  • Henry averaging 20


The Good

  1. Brad Ebert reinventing himself as a forward. I’d have thought that would be a disaster for his scoring, but he’s averaging 115. Gotta be happy with that.
  2. Five tons.
  3. Lloyd

The Bad

  1. Gosh, where to start…let’s go with May and Shiels going down with injury giving me 43 between them.
  2. To go from two sub-70 scores to ten. That won’t get 'er done. Sicily and Goldstein picked a terrible week to drop 30% of their average.
  3. Losing to CB when he only had 15 men. Giving him bragging rights for the whole friggin’ year. Oh well. We regroup and prepare for the flight to New Zealand.


Too good @topdon. Would’ve liked to have performed better, but not disappointed to lose given you and wezza are probably a year ahead of me in the rebuild. You’ve greatly improved your drafting and have made a few astute selections in the last few drafts that will set you up for years to come. You’re a fair chance to breakthrough for your first finals series.


  • Tom Stewart is filling Laird’s spot nicely. Looks like a win-win trade for myself and foggy.
  • Rockliff back to 100pt consistency
  • Dane Rampe - will likely course-correct over time, but so far he’s performing at 15pts higher than I thought he would be. Very important with Williams’s want to be a mid putting him on the outs, Wilson under-performing and Clark, close, but not yet best 22 in his new position.


  • Forward line in general - I’d left this area as the last to rebuild and stupidly not drafting Shane Edwards with my last pick hasn’t helped, but 5 players under 60 isn’t remotely good enough. Desperately need Greene to stay fit
  • Cerra - Still another pre-season off being part of their midfield, but I’d love Ross to settle him in one position. He hasn’t had any continuity in position since mid-season
  • Melbourne’s selections - Knew Spargo was in trouble given he’s looked to have a bad case of 2nd year blues in 3 of their 4 games, but Wagner was quite acceptable and was in their top 12 players at worst last week, if not top 10, so to drop him and compound last week’s error at selection, of playing 3 underdone players, by rushing in a further 2 underdone players was bizarre.

Despite starting 0-2 I’m fairly content with how the rebuild is tracking to be a serious finals threat next season.


Thanks @Dunlop. It has been a decent start, and good to back up last week with a near 1400 round. This would be my first start with a healthy list, only missing Hill and Selwood from my best team. Having to go to your bench 3 times didn’t help, but i did have some nervous moments waking up this morning to check the scores. Best of luck for the rest of the season mate.


  • 100+ again from Dom Sheed. He is repaying the faith and looks to be a top class mid. Chris Mayne (131) is also showing great form in the twilight of his career.
  • Charlie Constable (106) has continued from his strong pre-season and looks to be a lock in the midfield.
  • Matt Taberner (92) with another 90+ game to start the season. Looks to finally be showing some consistency.
  • Winning without big contributions from Kade Simpson (69), Tom McDonald (66) or Daisy Thomas (73) .


  • Tom McDonald (66) as a forward. He was a FF machine as a B, but i fear he won’t increase his numbers. Little chance of him doing back.
  • George Hewett (53) as a lock-down midfielder/tagger. Really impacting his scoring. Has the potential to be a high scoring forward, but i will soon be preferencing Connor Rozee (who has has a great start to his 1st season).
  • Selecting Scott Thompson (46) over the returning Levi Greenwood (87).

I need to enjoy this whilst it lasts. I expect to be hammered by the big boys in the coming weeks.


■■■■■■■ bullshitt ■■■■ ■■■■ Dill!! ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■

The Bad:

1 - Coniglio - How the hell do you score 111 points less than last week and not be injured? Learn to cop a tag man!!! Sheesh

2 - Sub 50 scores - We had 4 this week, including 3 scores in the 30’s!!! It’s ■■■■■■ pathetic.

3 - Losing to Dill - Enough said. Hate that bloke.

The “Good”:

1 - Scoring - Average mid 1300’s which isn’t the worst. Still got a bit of scoring to come back into the team which should see us push towards mid 1400’s and be competitive most weeks.

2 - McCluggage - 2 scores in the 90’s to start the year is what I wanted to see, and I need to see it after giving away a ■■■■ load to Fudge to get him. It was a pazza type of trade that should’ve been vetoed!!

3 - Nope, thats’s about it for now.


The Good
1 Scoring over 1400.
2 6, 100+ scorers.
3 Getting our first win for the season.

The Bad
1 The poor form of club favourite Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti.
2 Ryan Lonie will have jiggers attached to his narries whilst the rest of the club will do a rain dance at all training sessions for the forseeable future for his antics last week.
3 Still a few players that are a little rusty on our list so it would be nice if they started to perform near the expectations I have set for them.


Congrats on the win @The_Mad_Bomber1


What odd things you get up to in Mildura. Inviting an ex-Collingwood footballer to the club, subduing him and gleefully hoping some voltage shoots through his junk.


Umm I mean Jack Lonie. Ryan’s narries will be left alone and we will send him back to Frankston.


Time for this years questionnaires results. Sadly we only got 11 responses despite having close to 3 weeks to return it.

Anyway, here they are.

Who do you think will win the FF Premiership? (feel free to nominate yourself) ?

Fogdog x 5

Awesome Scotty x 2

Wimm x 2

All Black

Windy Dill in a landslide

Which two teams will compete in our FF GF (feel free to nominate yourself!)?

Fogdog x 7

Awesome Scotty x 5

Windy Dill x 3

All Black x 3

Wimm x 2

Stoops x2


Who will make up our top 8 of our FF comp?

Fogdog x 11

Wimm x 11

Awesome Scotty x 10

Mad Bomber x 9

Fudge x 9

Allblack x9

Windy Dill x 9

Stoops x 7

Blummers x 4

Vandrs x 4

Dunlop x 2

Smoten x 2

Wezza x 2

Crazy Bomber x 2

Which team (other than your own) do you want to win it (can be the same one)?

Dunlop x 2

Mad Bomber x 2

Wimm x 2

Fogdog x 2

Awesome Scotty


All Black

Which team would you least like to win the premiership (can be more than one)?

Crazy Bomber x 4

Vandrs x 3 (3 votes from 1 person )

Windy Dill x 3

None x 2


Who will win the AFL Grand Final?

Essington x 3

Collingwood x 3

Richmond x 2


West Coast


Who will win the FF Wooden Spoon?

Alber_Goodthur x 5

Jefferson x 3

Saladin x 2

Carlton ?

Who will win the AFL’s Brownlow?

Nat Fyfe x 2

Stephen Coniglio

Adam Treloar

Dustin Martin

Elliott Yeo

Buddy Franklin

Josh Kelly

Dylan Shiel

Clayton Oliver

Patrick Cripps

Which player will score the most DT points for the year?

Tom Rockliff x 2

Wimm ?



Angus Brayshaw

Josh Kelly

Jackson Macrae

Max Gawn

Nat Fyfe

Brodie Grundy

Who will win the NAB Rising Star?

Walsh x 9

Conor Rozee

Charlie Constable

B & F this year from your side?

Stephen Coniglio

Isaac Smith

Shaun Higgins

Tim Taranto

Brayden Fiorini


Jake Lloyd

Angus Brayshaw

Mitch Duncan

Steele Sidebottom

Touk Miller

Most Improved player this year from your side?

Hugh McCluggage

Jack Bowes

Todd Marshall

Tim Taranto

Darcy Tucker




Jack Viney & David Swallow

Colin O’Riordan


Which young player currently on another side’s list would you most like to own?

Angus Brayshaw x 2

Cripps x 2

Jordan DeGoey

Sam Walsh

Charlie Constable

Bailey Smith


Isaac Heeney

Rory Laird

Which list (other than your own) would you most like to oversee?

All Black x 3

Fogdog x 3

Awesome Scotty x 2



Mitcham Marvels

Which side outside of last year’s top few do you think will challenge for the flag this year?

Fogdog x 5

All Black x 2


Windy Dill


Which team do you think will be the big improver this year?

Wezza x 3

Wimm x 2

Fogdog x 2

Crazy Bomber x 2


Windy Dill

Which team is on the slide?

Saladin/WoB x 5




Windy Dill



Which coach do you think could be doing a better job?

Alber_Goodthur x 3

Jefferson x 3

Saladin (Tad Harsh lol) x 2 (1 self nom)

Not Sure

Everyone doing fine!!

Which (if any) AFL coaches do you think will be out of a job at the end of the year?

Richardson x 7

Bolton x 3

Worsfold x 2

Ross Lyon x 2

Where will Essendon finish this year?

7th x 4

8th x 2

1st x 2

4th x 2


Do you think John Worsfold is the right man to be coaching Essendon?

Nope x 8

Yes x 3

Not remotely. In the current era, you need to be a good tactician and match day coach - Worsfold is neither. He is a good preparation guy who had Walsh at West Coast to lean on for tactics/strategy. Here, if the pre-game plan doesn’t work, he rarely has an answer.

What do you dislike most about our league? Do you have any concerns about our league? Suggestions? (can leave this question blank)

Live draft trading.

End of year tradin period is too long. Cut it in half and have a trade week pre-draft.

All good

Start events around public holidays so it’s easy to remember. Draft starts on Labour Day. Trading to open on Anzac Day. Trading to close on Queens Birthday.
Rolling lockouts through the weekend. So you can shift players who are yet to play around as much as you like through the weekend.
I wish UF had a decent way of predicting scores through the week. DT and SC websites could do it far better. Dunlops predictions are far better.

Position Polls
The warnings/strikes. Can be tough to fill teams with the FA gamble for Wednesday.
Also feel like they some coaches get warnings, but other coaches get nothing for the same things.

That Foggy has managed to clone Laird. One Laird is hard enough to defend against, let alone two

How many goal Daniher kick?

100,35,46 (18 in finals), 20 goals. 30 behinds. 5 out of bounds on the full, 65.198, 20, 27, 25, 43, 20 , 0!!


I’m pretty sure I sent my mine otherwise I did it but left it open in a tab and didn’t send…