2019 FF Original discussion thread



Heh heh heh.
saladin needs to lift his game.


Probably :grin:. But ???


That’s exactly what happened!!

All good though


interesting week of FA. Pool seems pretty thin, but I need backups across the board.


Can I LTI Jack Riewoldt?


No, he’s only out for a month.


Getting McStay was purely an acknowledgement of the responsibility to field a full side. Dual position B/F allows a little flexibility with my oldies already mounting up some injuries.

Not convinced I get Hooker back this week, and Grigg is still barely training. Burgoyne and Lewis will miss the best part of a month.

Narkle won’t get a look whilst Cats are winning/uninjured. Likewise Hayes at Dogs.

Hopefully Dimma thinks it’s time to look at Ross. Woodcock had 20+ and a goal but Port have enough kids already. Shipley keeps racking them up in Neafl but GWS are about to get even stronger via Kelly etc, not look at their fringe mids.

We’re a bit thin atm. I’d much rather be on the lookout for a couple more speculative kids, but it is what it is.


Bit of talk about that Mutch may be into the 22 named tonight. That’ll help if true, and is a week or two earlier than i’d thought would be best case when i grabbed him last week.

Got a really tough task against Vandr’s lads this week.


Great pickup. Didn’t think Mutch was in the frame for selection.


I really should have picked up another playing back.
Rolling the dice a bit.
And it’s not like my reserves are full of first round draft picks.


I’m lamenting not picking up Dougal Howard like I was planning. The Port Lover Bargey said he was only a 50/50 chance, so decided against it.

Also made me think of my lost pick Jordan Clark.

Do you guys think live trading during draft would ever work in this league? I reckon I would have offered Vandrs a bonanza for pick 6 after Clark slid…


I don’t have an opinion either way, but I do think we have time for it.


It’d have to be draft picks only, yeah? Keeper lists would become largely unmanageable. And without trading future picks our ability to shift picks would be useful but somewhat limited.

Edit:. And can UF adjust pick order mid-draft?


Absolutely shredded. Depressing.


Deledio dropped (or injured) .
Weller dropped (or injured)
Marshall dropped
Garlett dropped
Ross EMG
Hooker didn’t get up.
Hayes not selected.

Unless a couple of EMG’s are late ins, even with Mutch and McStay I’m at least two short.


I think once a round begins the draft order cannot be adjusted.

We had it one year and for memory there was a delay on a pick as trade negotiations were going on. I think it could slow everything down so I’d be against live pick trading.

However, I wouldn’t mind another trade period opening up during JLT1 before the draft. That way you could trade players who won’t be keepers to another team (if they can include him as a keeper).
Trade opens after the first bounce of JLT and ends at the first bounce of JLT2. Not sure if UF allows trading at that time and whether that gives Dunlop enough time to set the draft order and circulate the xls sheet.


I’m undecided if I want it. On one hand it has the obvious benefits but on the other it’d slow down picks as people negotiate deals for individual picks.


I’ve got a total of 8 players either being and emergency or extended interchange bench.

Very wierd week for me.


I think live trading during the draft could work. However, the trade would need to go through within the first hour of the pick timer starting.


I wouldn’t mind it and could make the draft interesting, but also mindful that it would take up heaps of time. I think we do pretty well in getting the draft done in a week or so, whether people can factor in a few extra days to allow the extra time is another question.