2019 FF Original discussion thread


I have five of the bottom ten scoring players in tonights game in my squad, and three of them are in my 18.

I am not pleased with this.


Lol. And Kelly’s injured.


My season is unravelling before it’s even started…


Hoping Will Brodie makes a return this weekend, have no idea why one of their best young midfielders can’t get a gig. I also really need my defenders to return. Houli out for an extra week hurts, Scott says Cam Guthrie is close to a return and picked up Grimes through chance in the FA only to realise he’s out as well. Think I’ll be targeting some defenders in the trade period. Also Josh Battle will be a defender in the next set of position polls as he’s almost purely a back now.


He’s rubbish.
You should trade him back to me for a fourth rounder.


Jumped @wimmera1 early. Great start from the boys.


Yeah, I’m screwed.


Thought I’d done well with the Mutch recruiting.

Hamstring. Zero points. Fmd.


I thought you did too. I was considering the possibility of taking him at some stage.


He looks good, though.
A little tentative about going in again one time, but you have to forgive that for a guy that barely plays.
I’ll be interested midyear, if you’re thinking of dumping him to FA’s.


Of course Raz gets 100 when I drop him to the bench, and of course he’ll drop back to 40-50 points next week when I start him again.

I prefer the good ole days when I only had 18 to pick from and didn’t stuff this up!

But it won’t cost me this week anyway. Welcome to FF Original Saladin!! Here’s a kick to the head!!!


J McVeigh was scoring quite well, but it looks like he’s done a thigh.

The next month at least is going to be very very ugly.


Could be a rolling concussion test underway, lol


So far 2 of my top 3 scorers are on the bench. Sick!!


@The_Mad_Bomber1 this might get ugly. Phillips a late out for me and Short injured and out of the game on 3 points.


Don’t know what’s happened this week @wimmera1. I doubt you would have a game like this again this season.


Given I’ve copped three injuries that will likely carry into next week…image


checked scores earlier today and was reasonably close.

check again and getting blown out of the water. farking Rozzee. 5 goals


Jesus weeps seeing Drew get moved to a forward flank.


I had him on the bench the past 2 weeks, but averaging 70 odd meant that he had to get a start this week. So I wake up, and wow! That wasn’t expected.

Dom Sheed is now an elite footballer. Shown patience in this guy, and it’s paying off.

Still a long way to go mate.