2019 FF Original discussion thread


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Welcome @saladin


Welcome @saladin

Looking forward to coaching against you. I check out BBFFL#2 and you’re a great contributor to that league. Really happy to have you on board in this league too.


Now have 6 players on the list for possible drafting at pick 78. Going swimmingly!

To be serious for a moment, I’m thinking the bigger issue with Wobs picks isn’t so much the late start but rather the lack of a cluster of picks in a useful part of the draft. 78 and 83 are good, but id love another by around 90. Reverting to the 18 pick cycle is not ideal for this list. Should be fun though.


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Just nominated my keepers on UF. It becomes far easier when your list is already cut to just 25 due to retirements/delistings, lol.


I hope the ones you’ve cut don’t dominate the JLT!!



  1. I guess I can always change them
  2. with a an average list age of 42.73 years, I’m doubting many of my players even know the JLT is on, let alone playing in it!



  1. They don’t usually play the geriatrics in the JLT


Picken is the main interest for my JLT list. I may literally have a retirement candidate pre-season.


I thought I heard he was doing well??? Although he is probably just one knock away from retiring.


As of start of Feb, he was still avoiding contact drills and prone to headaches.

Footy loyalties aside, it’s a pretty horrible situation for anyone to be in.


No need to nominate keepers till the 7th of March or somewhere around then.

Once keepers are done, Dunlop sends everyone a spreadsheet with available players for the upcoming draft.


At this point in time I’m delisting…

The no brainers…
Sam Murray - ASADA investigation on him.
Lewis Young - Haven’t heard much about him. Isn’t in the Bulldogs best 22 and I doubt there is a spot for him to compete for.
Andrew McPherson - I rate him. So do the Crows. But he’s barely trained this pre-season. Not worth worrying about.
Brett Daniels - I rate him. Doesn’t have a defined role at GWS yet.
Shane Edwards - Isn’t keeper material. Will be a handy mid to late draft pickup for depth.
Daniel Menzel - Injury interrupted preseason. Might be a handy late draft pickup for depth but won’t be ready for round 1.
Harley Bennell - another calf setback. It basically came down to him or Elliott and I’m, more confident in Elliott’s pre-season than Harley’s.
Josh Schache - Is in the Bulldogs best 22, but his DT scores would be about where Tom Hawkins was in 2009 as a best case scenario. Needs to smash JLT to be a half chance at a keeper spot.

Still in with a chance…
Billy Stretch - Needs to show something at JLT. I thought he might be a sneaky chance last year to cement a spot in Melbourne’s team, but I’m not sure after their trade haul last year.
Ben Keays - Needs to show something at JLT. Not sure he fits into Brisbane’s midfield / forwardline.
Ben Paton - Haven’t heard a thing about him this pre-season. Will need to see how he goes in JLT.

And currently ckeeping…
Brandon Matera - He’s lucky to be a keeper at this point in time. He’s best 22 but his DT scores aren’t likely to spike unless he gets more midfield time.
Oscar Allen - I rate this guy highly. If there is even a sniff that he plays well in JLT, then I’ll keep him.
Jamie Elliott - Has survived through the pre-season. Worth a punt.
Riley Knight - Unlikely to miss out on a keeper spot. Haven’t heard a thing about him this pre-season. Will watch through JLT.
Riley Bonner - Unlikely to miss out on a keeper spot. Not sure where he fits into Port’s team after they get Hartlett back, Mayes and Burton. Will have to watch through JLT.

The rest have been well entrenched as keepers for quite some time.


Bonner is the interesting one there Blummers. Could be a handy player.

And I’d surprised if Edwards goes too deep in the draft. He’s definitely on my radar.


Here’s hoping for a very ‘safe’ flip-flop.


Nah. Wont be keeping Edwards for Bonner. I rate Bonner and he’s got plenty of upside. I just missed out on picking him up very late in 2017 so ended up trading for him.

I see Edwards averaging somewhere between 65 and 70 at best.

I really haven’t done too much research on anyone who is yet to play a game so I’m not sure how to handle the upcoming draft.

One things for sure though…
I wont be wasting my first pick on Joe Atley.


One things for certain is that Sam Walsh won’t be there at pick 2…
So someone give me a buzz when they’ve worked out pick 2 and we can start this draft.


Ready with pick #2