2019 FF Original discussion thread


Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

With 18 available players I’d be right in this, even without some big names.

As it is, Colyer, Harbrow, Mundy, Schache and Higgins have to claw back 250 points from Duryea, Miles and Gresham. Ain’t gonna happen. But even if Mutch had just got through for a 50 or 60 , it would have been a fascinating Sunday.


Hey all! Sorry i haven’t updated an live scoring, just spent the past week moving to the US (to topdon’s timezone :wink:).

Hoping to get stuck back into it from next week.


Considering I only won week one due to Windy being players short, I can’t complain about this week. But not much (no pun) went right.


Caught Wim on a bad week but happy with the teams performance. There is plenty of room for improvement.

The good

  1. Brayshaw is a freaking gun
  2. Witts gets it done every week
  3. Brilliant to have Kelly back.

The bad

  1. LDU disappearing after two solid games
  2. 8 players under 80
  3. Fyfe getting injured.

My best 18 is really solid but by bench players aren’t giving me much. Still room and think my first 1600 of the year is round the corner.


The Bad:

Cotchin Hamstring midgame
Mutch Hamstring beginning of game.
McVeigh Quad 4th quarter.
Schache back to rubbish
Nathan Jones struggling

Lewis Hamstring
Burgoyne Hamstring
Deledio Calf
Grigg Knee
Hooker Calf
Weller injury of some sort.

The Good.

Umm,. Ahhh…, errr

Ok. Sinclair and Higgins. That’s about it.


The good…

  • Rowan Marshall! I took him early in last year’s draft and felt I saw some early signs of a Max Gawn type DT scorer. He’s definitely trending that way.
  • Only lost by 43 to @Fudge.
  • Jed Anderson should be back next week. Zach Tuohy and Sean Darcy are likely as well. If they can build their form up between now and the Anzac round, I should be in a good enough position to start scoring in the 1400s consistently.

The bad…

  • A low 1300s score is not enough to beat top 8 teams like @Fudge.
  • Inconsistent form from week to week from individuals. David Swallow, Dayne Beams, Jack Viney, Nic Newman and Luke Ryan are consistently Jekyll-Hyde type performers.
  • Sean Darcy’s injury problems. I’m going to need some ruck depth this year as he cannot seem to shake the injury niggles. He’s had a very poor start to the year.

The ugly…

  • Too much left to too few. After Marshall, Duncan and Ryan, only 3 more players scored above 80. A total of seven players (8 if you count Broad) struggled to reach 60 points. It’s just not good enough.
  • Jamie Elliott’s scoring has gone off a cliff! Great round 1 but has done very little since then.
  • Curtis Taylor, Connor McFadyen and Brett Bewley didn’t even play in VFL / WAFL. Not sure where they’re at.



  • It’s been a few years of little output but Liberatore is starting to repay some of the faith I put in him, he’s churning out the good scores and looks primed.
  • Midfield powering on and have an absurd amount of depth. O’Meara and Henderson are scoring like guns, Brad Hill in gun form, and still hoping for Will Brodie to return soon
  • Powell-Pepper scoring big, although sadly whilst sitting on the bench
  • Sam Walsh is a bonafide FF gun 3 games in.
  • Like Libba, Newnes is back in the top form of a few years back, loving his work.
  • Little game time but Luke Dunstan is scoring well also and Josh Battle looks great


  • Backline stinks and still playing short which cost me the win, looking to have Houli and Grimes return next week for some much needed support
  • Willem Drew. Guns it first 2 weeks so what does Ken Hinlkley do? Move him to the forward flank away from the ball to accommodate his returning plodders
  • I can’t complain about much, my team is scoring well apart from struggling to field a full side


The Good

  • Bowes, Mills, De Goey and Smith showing good scoring signs

The Bad

  • Playing 1 short with Phillips a late out
  • Jayden Short injuring his elbow and looks to be out for a while
  • Depth being tested


The BAD:

1 - Team Selection - Poor moves by the coach this week. Both Atley and Orazio with tons on the bench and a handy 74 from Thurlow. 100% chance I start them this week and they all fail.

2 - Backline - Very sloppy performance down back this week. Only 2 scores in the 70’s!

3 - Forwardline - Just as poor. Gresham with 84 was okay but the rest stunk it up.


1 - Playing Saladin - Our only saving grace was the fact that sal was a few short. We deserved to be pumped this week!!

2 - Coniglio - Very nice bounce back.

3 - Depth - Whilst we stuffed up selection it’s nice to have the depth to shuffle the magnets every week. Only problem is I have to get it right!!


That was a great game between Machines and Dill.

Excellent scoring and very tight.


The good:

  • Getting a W against Crazy Bomber
  • The Adelaide boys are killing it
  • Having a ruckman

The bad:

  • selections cost me over 1500 (why select Gibbons over Bruest and Wines over Tyson)
  • Forwardline. Was a strong point but super inconsistent
  • Curnow, Langford and Daniher in form and playing would be nice


The seagulls were too good for me this week. I think other than Zaka, everyone else scored below their average. Well done @Dunlop.

The good:
Zaka and Dumont
North losing surely means I get Ahern back in

The bad:
North losing probably means Scott will get dropped.
Backline still very grim.
None of my bench seem to be banging down the door to make seniors.


@Dunlop Can I please LTI Jayden Short?


LTI Kobe Mutch, please @Dunlop .


@Dunlop Can I LTI Zac Bailey and/or Jordan Cunico as well?


@Dunlop what’s the prognosis on Harry Perryman? I’ve only seen TBC on news sites but wasn’t sure how long recovery from a punctured lung should take.


No respite for me this week with Shiels and May out for a few weeks yet.
Zerk is a couple of weeks away so he’ll probably have to go.
In a further blow, Seedsman is only out for four weeks.

Edit: And Smack for 6-7.


@saladin - Mutch confirmed
@Jefferson - Short and Cunico confirmed

@You_Shall_Be_Smoten - Re: Perryman. Dunno. Best case scenario is usually about a month, worst case scenario is roughly 2. Ultimately it depends on additional factors ie. how big the puncture was and whether he sustained any rib fractures along with the puncture


No worries, given it was a couple of weeks ago I think I’ve probably missed the boat on the 8 week limit.


McInernay and Stretch are already on a list.