2019 FF Original discussion thread


Do the picks get redone as a result on any subsequent picks?




Once the above is confirmed, I’ll process in the Google sheets.

All scores have been updated to end of round 3 for prediction purposes, I just need everyone to update teams for the week (obviously pending FA outcome).


Not unless foggy has had a change of heart over the summer.

Last season, if you nominated a player that was already on a list you forfeited that pick.


Ahhh bugger. No wonder I was surprised to see I got him this morning, he wasn’t available!!


No. They stay as they are.


Record requests for stack?


Lol,. I suspect I’m getting the full on Flu , terrible day yesterday and I was worried I may forget to put my picks in, totally overlooking the Demons/Swans teams were named.

So Rose is a bust already atm. But Seriously , what are Sydney doing? McVeigh is 34 years old, Rose and Rowbottom tore up the Neafl last week and instead they go with the ancient Jack? FFS.

Shai Bolton is developing nicely in the ressies, probably 30/70 that he gets named tonight but I have to find some players who aren’t 30 years old.

Jay Lockhart, a playing C , how in the world did he get through to me!? Surprised, pleasantly. I badly needed a playing kid and knew I wouldn’t get Stack.

Mozzie is just a fun pick. Doubt he lasts long on the list unfortunately.

Oh , and @wimmera1, I really like the Sholl pick. Or not, lol. I was watching him with an eye on 2nd half of year, so damn you! Good selection if you can keep him.

Now fingers crossed that Hooksy is back and Ross debuts.


All teams updated on the spreadsheet too!


13 requests.


Haha wow. I knew I had no chance, but had to have a go.

A bit like winning powerball :smiley:


Likewise. It felt like a dereliction of duty not to apply for him, even though he was never getting through to me.


STEP OFF :stuck_out_tongue:


Unlucky Sal


FFS. I’m cursed.

Just when Ross debuts and I manage to predict Bolton’s return, I cop a late out and I’ll STILL be one short.

There’s a small chance that Shipley comes off the EMG list I guess, but combined with the Mutch hammy last week, my attempts to regenerate the list a bit via FA keeps stalling.

It’s killing me.


Phew. Backline returning to some strength with Houli/Grimes back in. Also hopefully Will Brodie back in and Matthew Kennedy in the squad.


It’ll be a tough ask to fly over to the US, enter the Temple of Bont, overcome the myriad of booby traps and steal the win with a cunning sleight of hand…but we’ve started well.


Haha you sure have started very well, @dunlop!

Can someone update the other teams (based on UF)? It just takes a while and just don’t have the time right now, but I can update scores over the weekend :slight_smile: But it’d be bestest if everyone can update their own. Only kicker is if there’s an player not expected to play but on the field just leave that position blank.


What’s the link again?


Oh yeah, sorry!