2019 FF Original discussion thread


Selections dpoing my head in. Houli listed as an in for the last three weeks and again he’s not in this week and WIll Brodie keeps not playing for as long as GC keep winning I guess.


One of the few games I don’t mind the Bombers not tagging. Zorko might find touch


Or not


Don’t think Ward will reach the UF prediction…


All of mine in play projecting to beat their averages. Could be a good weekend


I’m scared to say anything, but Ross nearing 50 before half time and Bolton going ok. :+1::+1:

Thank goodness.


Ohh ■■■■ you you ■■■■ kicking ■■■■■


Great games from Ebert and Ellis bring us up to 10/892.
Very, very nice.

Come on, Jenkins and Kelly!

And if Brown could find some form on the bench, that’d be nice too.


Mitch Brown wowee


Going to be a nail bitter between stoops(?) and myself.

I’ve got a 64 point lead and Miles and Gresham against Cripps,Plowman and Acres. Cirpps could get it done all by himself so hopefully he gets taken out early.

On predicted scores I have it 1419 and 1407 for stoops


Blummers is having a mare.
Injury to Ward, a couple of first 18 players not picked, and Brandon Ellis scored 116 against him.
Not his week.


What are we thinking, @jefferson? With emergencies adjusted, I’m around 300 in front but you have 4 vs 1 to come? Will Isaac Smith and Bowes run me down?


86 from Ross. Couldn’t hope for better.

Team 1 Pre-round projected score Actual + Forecasted score Team 2 Pre-round projected score Actual + Forecasted score Expected winner Score
Stoops 1,443 1,444 Vandrs 1,394 1,420 Stoops 1,444
Windy Dill 1,368 1,240 fogdog 1,437 1,467 fogdog 1,467
saladin 1,207 1,265 Jefferson 1,184 1,115 saladin 1,265
Mad Bomber 1,333 1,357 Alber_Goddthur 1,244 1,205 Mad Bomber 1,357
topdon 1,371 1,226 Smoten 1,355 1,394 Smoten 1,394
neela 1,329 1,382 Dunlop 1,348 1,424 Dunlop 1,424
wezza 1,344 1,335 Allblack 1,495 1,478 Allblack 1,478
wimmera 1,475 1,541 Blummers 1,277 1,231 wimmera 1,541
Fudge 1,379 1,373 Crazy 1,343 1,242 Fudge 1,373


I had a very slim chance of winning to begin with. Jed Anderson and Ward were coming in for their first games this year so they were going to be a touch off the pace.
ANB has been out of form, but I would have named him ahead of Matera.
Josh Smith has been an emergency all year, so I wasn’t expecting him to get a game.
Sean Darcy out was manageable as Marshall is a good replacement.
Once Beams was a late out, I was forced to play Clarke as ruck backup and try to shuffle my bench just in case Ward was a late out.
Then the Ward injury on 3 pretty much topped the weekend off.

Hawkins, Ellis, Lloyd and Goldstein have played well against their former club and Ed Curnow is still to come.

Round 3 to 6 was always going to be tough given I’m pretty much playing 4 of the handful of teams in the league. Hopefully the draw softens up after that. The loss to CB in round 1 is going to be tough to make up for.


Tell me about it.


Unlikely, Hurn, Mundy and Higgins killing it for you.


90pt deficit to chase down with 2 extras and Fiorini to come. Hoping the kids can ice this, but I’ve given the runners a crash course in the Heimlich.


Whoever did this draw, I think I need a recount or need to ask more than to play the first few weeks at home next year with pyros…

In the first weeks of the year play Blummers (10th from last year), Wimmeria (5th), fogdog (7th), Fudge (1st), Allblack (4th) with strong arguments that foggy, Wimm, Fudge and AB would be top 4 and fighting for the flag.


Imagine if you had to play me twice!