2019 FF Original discussion thread


You sound like the sorta guy who, if he won Powerball, would spend all his winnings on Powerball tickets.


I like those odds!


Well, not entirely sure how, but we’ve debuted a few youngsters and escaped with a win, despite Mr Schache’s best efforts.

We’ll take that.

Commiserations, @Jefferson . I doubt Mundy pulls a 125 too often at this point of his career.


Pffttt, not even close. Great score stoops.


The good…

  • The Saints finally realised Callan Wilkie has an awesome left foot. Looks as though they freed him up to be loose man up too.
  • Rowan Marshall continues motoring on. The next Max Gawn DTer.
  • The gutsy trade for David Swallow seems to be paying off. He looks primed for a career year.

The bad…

  • Too much left to too few. Four players scored more than 80.
  • Ethan Hughes looked promising and was on target for an 80 score at half time, but he struggled to find the footy and ended with 55.
  • Luke Ryan still hasn’t shaken the Jekyll-Hyde form of last season.

The ugly…

  • Callan Ward looks out for the year.
  • ANB didn’t do much at VFL level so I’m not expecting him back next week.
  • A 360 point loss hurts my percentage. Hopefully with Fogdog and MB up next, I can be more competitive.


Too good for me. I doubt Mitch Brown pulls another 119 in his career :joy:


The Good

  • Mitch Brown scoring 119
  • De Goey and Stephenson going strong. Looks like De Goey is being thrown into the mids towards the end of games
  • Bailey Smith. Gun player. Moved up forward to rest/kick a few goals. Marty ■■■■ a late call up and scoring 93. Liked the way he played, hopefully stays in for a while.

The Bad

  • Ruck situation. Bellchambers has gone backwards compared to last year, looks like he is playing injured.
  • 4 players scoring under 35 won’t win you too many games. Stratton gets a reprieve since he was injured.
  • Mills underperforming. Thought he would play a lot more midfield time this season with Swans on the ‘slide’ and transitioning.

@saladin was there for the taking having 1 less player but still couldn’t come home with the chocolates. Depth being tested now with the likes of Short, Bailey, Cunico & Stratton injured.


Well done @fogdog on an excellent score this week. Far too good for my lot.


Thanks mate. You were probably unlucky that this week was probably my highest score in a few years.


The Good:

A Win!!!

Debut from Ross. Scored well, looked the part and earlier in the season than I could realistically have hoped.

Mundy, Higgins and Hurn. All tonned up and that was crucial.

Hooker returns. Vital to help fill a side, but he then threw up a more than useful 93.

Midweek FA moves. Bolton was useful, certainly not great but 60-odd is better than nothing odd. And he’s not an old fart. Lockhart was another good pickup for my demographic. Or should have been. See below.

The Bad

Overall Score. Low 1200’s won’t be competitive too often. Too many 50’s and 60’s to reduce the impact of the few big scores.

Callum Sinclair inconsistency. Has alternated between slaying it, and slaying me. If his bad games could somehow nett 75-80, I won’t complain. But 30’s and 40’s, when you’ve tonned up twice!? Come on Cal, we can’t have that.

Playing Short. Half an hour before the first bounce, I thought I had a full 18. Then I learn that Lockhart is a late out and I’m back to 17. I’m sincerely trying to balance the now and the future and will continue to shuffle the list to do so.

The Ugly

Josh Friggin Schache. Played a full game, for 9 friggin points. Seriously, I reckon I could run around the field blindfolded for two hours and the ball would find me a few times, or I’d accidentally stumble on the ball and kick it. Or I’d collide with someone and tackle them. That was diabolical. Two weeks ago he scored 87. This week he was basically a walking donut. I may as well have been two short.

Looking to next week, there’s a chance Lewis is available. Ross and Bolton should be safe. Will Lockhart be back into the Demons? That’s doubtful, which is disappointing. Wards injury might give Shipley a look-in at GWS, he was their travelling emergency. But they have serious depth with Bonar and Hately pushing up as well. Rose didn’t make the Swans “bests” but written reports suggest another good game, and Sydney keep losing, soooooo…

Edit:. Wait, we’re in the eight!? Blow the Siren!


The good:
Miller, Zaka, Salem, Dumont making sure my team puts in an average/competitive score.
Ling finally returns to NEAFL.

The bad:
Probably wont see Powell next week due to concussion, so possibly run short.
Hill/Caldwell weren’t on the injury list, but didnt play NEAFL. What’s going on?


The Good:

  • First win of the season
  • Off the bottom of the ladder
  • Mason Redman

The Bad:

  • Eric Hipwood, more unpredictable than a foot the the face

The Ugly

  • I’m just warming up on posting for the year



Please LTI Callan Ward (assuming he’s eligible).


The Good:

  • Beating last year’s runner-up on their home turf
  • Fiorini starting to stamp himself as my #1 mid post Rocky. Just needs to stay fit
  • Ollie finding his feet after an injury interrupted lead-in to Rd 1
  • Dawson. Back to pre-season form before the Rd 1 blip, still needs another pre-season before he’ll have an AFL midfield tank, so he needs to consistently impact as a forward, given Longmire’s demonstrated he’ll ditch him at the earliest opportunity.
  • Tarrant’s form since getting an opportunity last week

The Bad:

  • Only 18 tackles from a third of the side.
  • Spargo not grabbing his opportunity
  • Wilson’s form especially with Bailey Williams on the outs

The Ugly:

  • Setterfield’s suspension. Needs as much continuity as possible
  • GWS player who must not be named getting injured in the NEAFL

State League Shout-Out:

  • Rowbottom doing his best to Shining his way through Longmire’s door. I like that Laidler says they’re giving him forward stints to learn the role - Longmire is no Hardwick or Chris Scott, he’ll debut wings, but I can’t remember the last time he played a first year kid predominantly inside (even Heeney couldn’t manage that).

The Amusing:

  • Deciding to inflict Jack Higgins on the bewildered Houston press




4 weeks in and time for the first look at who has improved between seasons (some encouraging news for sides that have been out of the 8, with 4 of the 6 most improved coming from outside last year’s 8). Early days, but having 11 sides within 100pts of each other, points to another very competitive season.

There’ll be another look at this after week 8 and 12.

Average Score

1516 - Allblack
1422 - fogdog
1422 - wimmera
1400 - Stoops
1359 - Fudge
1352 - Mad Bomber
1346 - Dunlop
1335 - topdon

1315 - Vandrs
1311 - wezza
1308 - Neela
1286 - Blummers
1285 - Windy Dill
1282 - Smoten
1276 - Crazy Bomber
1205 - saladin
1188 - Alber_Goodthur
1158 - Jefferson

Improvement Scale (Compared to 2018 Average Score)

+135 - topdon
+82 - Allblack
+74 - Dunlop
+56 - Crazy Bomber
+55 - Stoops
+49 - wezza
+25 - Alber_Goodthur
+11 - fogdog

+4 - Vandrs
-9 - Jefferson
-27 - Smoten
-47 - Blummers
-53 - wimmera
-58 - Mad Bomber
-63 - Windy Dill
-73 - Fudge
-173 - saladin
-213 - Neela


Negative 173.

Going great, lol.


I would have been even higher in the positives if I had a ruckman the first two weeks!


@Dunlop Can I please confirm my LTI position?

Do I have both Roberton and Cockatoo on LTI?

If not, can I please LTI Cockatoo, still being ‘indefinite’ https://www.afl.com.au/news/injury-list

If i do, dammit. Should have picked up an extra player ages ago.



  • Scoring 1400 - Whilst it was no where near enough for the win it’s always nice to hit that mark. Hopefully the boys can build on this and we can do it more constantly.

  • Coniglio - 3 100’s in 4 weeks now. Jet!!

  • Jack Scrimshaw - Looks ready to jump into the starting line up. Has repaid the faith after doing Sweet FA for a few years!


  • Orazio - I knew he’d stink it up this week after scoring 100 on the bench last week.

  • Jack Crisp - Last 2 weeks have been poo!! Lift your game mate

  • John Worsfold - Bring Francis back in!!!