2019 FF Original discussion thread


1 spot used. Perennially injured bird now added to LTI.

LTI Schedule now added to UF - check in league manager’s notes.


That could actually make a good cryptic crossword clue.


Happy with the improvement considering I’ve played 3 and 2 short every week.


Awesome Scotty
In: Tom Williamson
Out: Lewis Young

Danggit @awesome_scotty thought i’d be able to grab no dramas with my 2nd pick.


So did I. That’s what caused the late sms and subsequent delay in posting the FAs.


Happy with the small improvement. Will be tested this week. Last weekend was a shocker!


Lol having a low pick, you need to almost think a week ahead. Hope he pays off.


Fingers crossed that Adelaide finally react to their form and give Stengle a run instead of Murphy.

Wasn’t sure if Fog would want Webb in this league, hope he works out for you.


@Awesome_Scotty Not that it matters just yet but I am still not seeing Sam Fletcher GCS Mid on my list according to the spreadsheet.


I face an almost impossible task against Allblack this week, he truly is the powerhouse team in the comp scoring around 1500 every week. Good to have Houli and Kruezer back nonetheless.



When is the lockout this week? Friday or Saturday arvo when Monday teams are finalised?


Good luck this week @wimmera1


You too.
You’re off to a good start!


On a side not my boy is in the little league for the Dees v aints game. So I will do some forward scouting at that game.


From watching the last few games, Hipwood looks like he’s ready to progress into a serious FF player.
It’s a good year to have him on your list.


No change to any other season when there is a Monday game.

@Dunlop can you refresh our memory? Is it full lockout from the first game on Saturday??


Lockout is the Saturday night game - the final sides for Mondays are typically released around 4-5pm Saturday


Going to get belted anyway, but I’m debuting Will Hayes tomorrow. Even have a playing bench player, which seems luxurious. Assuming Lewis isn’t a late out.


I’m getting toasted as De boer is tagging Brad Hill, but good to see Will Brodie debut this weekend for the club.


Great debut for Hateley.