2019 FF Original discussion thread


Shizen. Didn’t think they’d drop Ceglar after 1 bad game, but should’ve played it safe and switched him and Weid, could’ve covered him as a forward, but I’ll be 1 short now. Was looking a reasonable chance of another upset as well.

Ah well, just have to look forward to Rowboat’s debut instead.


Your team looking good. De Boer is a killer but looks like he spent time on Fyfe as well to balance it out


Your team is a powerhouse and would be the classic example of how to slow build team to perfection, you’ll beat me easily.

My team is miles better than it was last year, we’ve played two or three short every week until this week so it’s finally good to have a full side, but it was more about the kids’ development. Walsh, Drew, SPP, Battle with younger blokes like Brodie & Kennedy still to play who should be good, mixed in with some of my blokes like O’Meara and Libba who’s back to some form means I should be competitive most weeks.


Would’ve been line ball with 6 players left barring the ruck stuff-up, but we’re still a sneaky chance to upset the premiers. Much’ll depend on Fiorini, Hunter and Stewart maintaining their form and last year’s Bailey Williams showing up to reel in the 73pt deficit, whilst I can’t afford Gibbs or Ablett to revisit past glories.

Pleased with Rowboat’s debut given he pulled the typical Longmire quinella of lowest game time and no midfield time, but Dawson’s promotion to the wing and subsequent break-out game was a nice surprise, plus Higgins & Ollie were good again.


Gee I think I’m in for a close one. Who owns trust the process?

Might sneak it home if parfitt and dalhaus have average games


Jake Kelly junks it up late, going from 33 to 83 in the last 40 minutes to put me in the box seat against Smote.
1138 (167 deficit) and Kelly, Hawkins, Sicily and Taylor vs 1305 and McEvoy.

So if one of my guys can cover BBM, and the others hit 60 then I’m fine.
Smote’s down a backman, which has obviously hurt him.


Congrats to @Allblack.
1579 with 94 on the bench from 2MP.


I reckon Fog is making his move this week. Huge score coming


Eyeing off 1600 for sure.


That would be me.


Hoping for a Stanley late withdrawal now given English’s bench score, should hopefully end up with mid 1500s, doubt I’d have scored back to back 1500s since my flag year.

Just hoping my three losses at the start of the year by 21, 9 and 10 points don’t come back to bite me at the end of the year.


I have no idea how you’re fielding a full side given your back outs.

Your future is looking bright, and scary for the rest of us.


Better week for me, but @Awesome_Scotty will be too strong in the end. Funnily enough, bumped into Isaac Smith earlier today in Richmond. Needing a miracle.


Is FA still this Wednesday even though there’s a game on that night? Or is it Tuesday?


I’m surprised too, Plowman has been a revelation and it’s been good to get Johannisen back.

Certainly need these sort of results though, my members were baying for blood having traded out first and second round picks for two guys that haven’t played…


Where did you draft Plowman?
Another 80+ backman for you is just friggin’ greedy.


Somewhat poetically I picked him up off FAs after Rance went down, but you didn’t want Rance :wink:


I don’t want to jump early but…I think you might have me @Allblack


Going backwards as fast as the Brisbane Bears.


I’m still a chance…
If Joel Selwood, Luke Bruest and Worpel are all late outs, then Mitch Duncan might just be able to make up the 104 gap.
I’d also need Blicavs to either be a late out or have a terrible defensive game where he scores 5 to 10 points.

But realistically, my percentage is going to take another beating. Looks like I’ll have back to back opponents scoring close to or more than 1600. I have MB up next week, who is out of form but capable of going big as well.