2019 FF Original discussion thread


Mirra’s been included from emergencies.
I mean…long term, great, but I’d rather have banked Gardiner’s 68.
BBM off to a flyer, too.


How are you enjoying Henderson, CB?


I wish I selected Blicavs over Aliir.



Hammertown held the Tigers off as long as they could.
We hit the front a tick before three quarter time.


A class above, @Allblack. Highest score for the year with a full side for the first time but alas my midfield let me down.

On another note how good is Henderson @wimmera1? Four from five 100+ scores with a 141 today. A legit gun player fantasy wise and also a very good player too.


I hope he plays another couple of seasons for you.
I let him go because he lost back eligibility and I’d traded in too many centres, (his very consistent 80s and 90s were awesome for a back, but I foolishly turned my nose up at it as a centre).
While I wish I still had him, there’s no sour grapes at all.



  • possibly my highest score ever
  • midfield dominance
  • no injuries


  • selecting Aliir ahead of Blicavs
  • Bruest looks like a trade bust
  • Langford and Trengove struggling to get a game



  • Biggest score for the year and the first time I’ve fielded a full side
  • Henderson one of the biggest averages in the league, a gun player for me
  • Guthrie back with a near 100 score, repayed the faith in waiting for him, also nice to see Kruezer back
  • Backline had a good game, but need a replacement for depth Grimes
  • Walsh is a gun FF’er. Drew had a good game on the bench and Will Brodie had a good return despite not being in my 22 as did Membrey with a big score


  • Ran into the best team in hot form
  • Midfield let me down for the first time all year. Libba, SPP and Hill all had modest games
  • Behind the finals 8-ball with a 2-3 record now


The Good…

  • Jed Anderson continues his form from last season.
  • Nic Newman’s start to the season has been surprisingly consistent. Three of his four games have been above 84.
  • Callum Wilkie is improving every week. I like this kid.
  • Ethan Hughes has his best game of the year.
  • Pretty even scoring across the board.

The Bad…

  • Not one player scored more than 100 points…
  • Robbie Gray, Rowan Marshall and Mitch Wallis were my worst three performers. They must perform better than that.
  • 1582 last week. 1608 this week. My percentage is taking a beating.

The Ugly…

  • Inconsistent performers are killing me. Dayne Beams, David Swallow, Jack Viney and Luke Ryan lead the Jekyll-Hyde stakes this season.
  • My team is a lot further off the pace than I thought. My forward line has been sub standard all year. I really thought it would be a strength of my team.
  • Not sure where my next win is coming from. MB next week. Dunlop (who is scoring better than me) the following week. Topdon (the surprise bolster of the year) the week after.


The Good

  • Biggest score of the year

  • Petruccelle with 115. Absolute gun and scoring goals

  • MH0re, Bowes, Stephenson, Brown & Papley maintaining their good starts to the year. Bailey Smith getting up to averaging 70+ already.

The Bad

  • Still struggling to break the 1400+ barrier

  • 4 players with sub 50 scores. Hoping McCarthy can bounce back after a good pre-season and 3 rounds.

  • Mayes, Hartlett & Laverde unable to get regular games. Mills looks totally devoid of confidence, still averages 70+ but just not looking like a fantasy beast at this stage


The Good


Ok, Hurn scored a tonne. And Ross and Hayes played. That’s something, I guess. But really, it’s a ■■■■■■ horrible week.

The bad.

Under 1200.

Lewis was rubbish.

Sinclair continues his roller coaster scoring.

Inumerable players with below par scores.


Well done, Dill. Way too good for my boys and we got an absolute smacking. Looks like the Myer Sport Cup is in your keeping again.

The Good
1 Jesse Hogan looks like he has hopefully found some form!
2 Gryan Miers already looking like great value for pick 154. Honestly he was a speculative pick (I wanted him earlier but according to my scouting network, Rohan was ahead of him for selection, I was hoping to try and take both) but I thought I had enough info to make it with some confidence.
3 Getting some run into Scully’s legs and bionic ankle so when it is time to release him from LTI, he will be absolutely cherry ripe to bring in to the Crunchas starting XVIII.

The Bad
1 6 players scored under 60.
2 Not predicting that Hogan would have a great game and leaving his 120 on the bench.
3 Having an individual top score of 105, I have been having multiple players (last week Walla, Grundy & Ross scored at least 128) getting well into triple figures most weeks, not this week, only 2 that counted and they were 105 & 100.

The Ugly
1 Jack Darling’s 18 despite being on the ground for much of the game was not what the doctor ordered.
2 Motlop getting dropped and Port coming out and braining West Coast (probably as a result) does not auger well for his short term future at his feeder club.
3 Barely scraping over 1200 is a poxy score and is hopefully a blip on the radar for us.



  • Competitive for most of the weekend against the premiers

  • Dawson starting to deliver on his potential and suddenly getting serious midfield time, on the wing sure, but its a start.

  • Rowbottom solid in debut especially given his game time. Some midfield rotations please Horse - smashed in centre clearances but tried nothing different

  • Ollie backing up last week’s effort

  • Tucker bouncing back after a few quiet weeks

The Bad

  • Rookie error at selection not covering the prospect of Ceglar being dropped

  • Hunter getting a bit of attention and turning to water

The Ugly

  • Beveridge’s obsession with flexibility - why turn your 2nd best rebounding defender last season into a below average inside mid, when your side is already bursting with inside mids that McLean can’t get a rotation? And why continue to play him as a defender in the VFL, if when 2 D guys are injured you’re going to bring him and not play him there?

  • Wilson, Morrison and Spargo - all horridly out of form.


Should get Greene back for yet another challenging game against Stoops


I’m assuming FA is still tomorrow but is it still a 9pm cut off? Doesn’t the Anzac Eve game start at around 7:30pm?


My team is in a world of hurt.


Is Tom Barrass eligible for the LTI list?

Barrass is the latest victim to a foot problem for the Eagles and is looking at a lengthy stint on the sidelines after he undergoes surgery


Not until he has a clearer prognosis than a “lengthy” period on the sidelines - 6 weeks could easily be considered “lengthy”.


On that note, hooray for May’s 4-6 that will turn out to be 10-12.


Sorry about the late reply!!

FA cutoff is still 9pm Wednesday. It just means if anyone bids on a Melbourne or Richmond player, they won’t be able to select them until the following week.