2019 FF Original discussion thread


For anyone wanting to drop a Melbourne or Richmond player as part of FA this week, you can delist the player before the game starts tonight.

That way you’ll be able to pick up whoever the player you get after FA is announced tonight and not have to wait until the end of the round.

I’ve already told a couple of coaches in this position to do that so thought I’d share this with everyone.


Dropping Harrison Petty.


Dang it Jefferson.


92 from Ross in game 3. A small light at the end of the tunnel. He’s going to need a break soonish, you can see that his tank isn’t what it will be in a year or two, but with talk that Cotchin has had a little setback in his recovery I’m hopeful that he stays in until Cotchin returns. Goodness knows what has become of Grigg and Weller.

These extremely extended rounds are tough work when you’re unsure of your fringe players. I opted to take Lockhart’s score simply to fill a spot, but I’d rather have known whether Hayes/Narkle/Shipley were chances to play first.

Not that it matters in a sense. AB is going to give us a walloping anyway.

Now, off to the delousing tent to decontaminate myself after adding Jack Silvagni to the list via FA. The things we do in the line of FF duty. Fark Carlton.


I thought Aaron Young was, you know…young.
Silly me.
Rapt to have picked up Brander, who I had my eye on at draft time, and Zurhaar.
I thought he was pretty impressive as a forward in a team that got absolutely pantsed last week.

Sorry to let Esava go, but his scoring was next level bad.
Someone will probably pick him up and he’ll score a ton for them next week.

Oh, and thank you to whoever saved me from picking another fark Carlton player.

Edit: lolz at both of us making edits about the same subject. I tip my hat to you, sal.


I’m a sneaky chance again MB.
He’s started off poorly and I would have had a larger lead if Viney wasn’t on restricted minutes and ANB wasn’t off for half a quarter injured.

Glad to get Scharenberg in FA. Hopefully I can hang on to him long enough to get a game from him. It’s sort of a sordid closing on the Harley Bennell trade. I trade the pick Neela used on Scharenberg for Bennell. I thought I smashed that deal, but both of us ended up with LTI players. Hopefully, he returns back through the VFL around mid year and shows signs of his scoring of the last few years.


It’s Catch22. If he scores 80 again, I’ll be happy. Kinda. Sorta. Not if they win though.

But he’ll probably return to type and I’ll keep cycling through looking for the odd fake diamond in the FA rough.


Hurts for the guy I cut for the player I just delisted to have 55 against me at half time.


Soz mate


and got a debut.
The three blokes I picked up didnt even make team or emergencies and had two omitteds and 1 injured, so going in 3 short. FML.


I need all the help I can get


@fogdog @Dunlop
Was Tim Smith for Brayden Sier an error at FA?


Yes. Only wanted 1 ruck option coming in not 2 and Sier was only leaving if his C was being replaced.

Weideman spudding it up, meant Tim Smith leapt from 5th to 2nd to cover the prospect of Weid getting dropped next week, which ultimately caused the confusion.

More than happy to make the PM available if anybody has any issues.


@Awesome_Scotty This might have been asked a few times but how do I add players that to the spreadsheet that I have recently picked up (Puopolo and Brendon Ah Chee)? Also Still no idea how to add Sam Fletcher from Gold Coast.

Ah Chee and Fletcher are not playing this week so no panic needed there.

I have left my interchange spot 2 free as that is where poohopolo is picked in my team on UF.


No big deal.
Didn’t see Sier on the UF Waiver list so figured it was an error.


Loving my new boy Zurhaar.
He’s raw and has a bit to learn, and North are rubbish which doesn’t help, but he’s strong, loves a goal and looks like he can do a bit of midfield work.
Hope he gets a decent run in the seniors.


After having a decent lead against MB last night, that’s now disappeared and I’ll have to make up a 75 point deficit with the same number of players to come.

How poor are my forwards playing?
My two bench players (ANB & Callum Brown) have scored 60+ so I’ve looped them to be able to play. In doing so, Mason Wood wasn’t even named and he scores a 100. And to top it off, Robbie Gray struggles his way to 58, making that the first time since 2013 (I think someone else had him then) that he’s scored back-to-back sub 60 scores.

This has all the hallmarks of having another disappointing Essington performance week.


Yeah he looks that way. You’ll still be ledthildi g your own duck come prom niggt


Lol, as if I need further problems, Higgins and Jonas were both late withdrawals!?


Very tempted to cut Gardiner.
For two years he’s pretended to be a good little seventh defender and every time I put him in the 18 he ■■■■■ me.