2019 FF Original discussion thread


Better not lose by 7 points, Cutler HTB and kick in the last hasn’t been counted!


Brown and Laverde injured. The injury list gets bigger.


Can I LTI Jack Riewoldt pls?


Going swimmingly.

Jack Silvagni, Jake Kolo and Shannon Hurn only need to score 615 for a famous victory.


Looks like I’ll get a win even with 1 short. Should also score around 1350 which bodes well for the rest of the season and should see us scoring above 1400 each week.

The back line has really stepped up this week.


And Graham & Watson injured in the 2s. ouch. Going to be a battle to field teams for next few weeks :frowning:


Great start by Silvagni. Deficit under 600 now.


Team relied on too few this week to do too much. 7 players with 99 or higher bit disappointingly 9 players under 80. Fog is going to give us a touch up next week with that sort of performance.


@fogdog way way way too good for me. One of my tips for this year’s premiership, good luck for the rest of the season.



  • Big win, scored a season best 1475
  • JOM is a ball magnet, now working on cloning this attribute to everyone else on the team
  • Mitch Robinson with a huge 120, Houli the new recruit paying off with a big 125
  • Josh Battle’s form down back is very pleasing, a 100 down back
  • Depth is promising, SPP, Drew, Battle, De Boer & Cunningham all 60 or over with Matthew Kennedy hopefully to debut for the Knights soon
  • Guthrie averaging 94 in his return to the side


  • Riewoldt another injury
  • The human clamp in Ambrose keeping Mihocek quiet


The Good

  1. Both ruck options performing strongly
  2. See above
  3. See above

The Bad

  1. Lowest score of the season
  2. 6 on field players scoring below 50 each. Not having Hickey on field with a monster 141 score
  3. In form Brown out for a month along with Laverde.


The Good…

  • Only 5 of my scorers failed to make their season averages.
  • My team is slowly getting better as the season goes on. 1373 whilst playing 1 short is a decent score.
  • I thought the game was gone after Friday night’s game, but the team stuck at it and made MB earn the win.

The Bad…

  • Pretty rough going in the ruck department. Zac Clarke got injured and dumped, Darcy is named as an emergency every week and Marshall got food poisoning.
  • I actually like the balance and the players on my list right now. There’s going to be some tough decisions made over the next month at FA. Guys like McFadyen, Curtis Taylor, Giro, Harry Jones and Josh Smith are going to have to start showing more to make it through to the bye round.

The Ugly…

  • Injuries. Marshall was a late out. Viney was on restricted minutes. ANB was also hampered. Nic Newman didn’t finish his game. Robbie Gray has been underdone all year. To compound it all, I stand to lose Viney, Newman and Robbie Gray next week.
  • 1 win and 5 losses to start the year is going to be tough to comeback from. I was hoping to be on 2 or 3 wins at this point. Not sure my players are in good enough form to turn it around quickly enough.


The good:

  • last week I scored over 1600 for the first time ever (I think), this week I did it again and scored even higher
  • Alex Keath, how on earth did I end up with him?
  • My Crows. Crouch, Crouch, Laird and Keath all with 100+

The bad:

  • Leaving Bruest and Blicavs out of the side costing me a score of 1700
  • Charlie Curnow. I thought he was going to be my premium forward
  • Inconsistent forwardline


The Good.

  • Jack Ross was our highest scoring mid.
  • Hurn continues to be a top notch defensive scorer.
  • Mundy played a ripper in his milestone.
  • Will Hayes didn’t set the world on fire but did enough to be useful.
  • Only Ross is looking outright decent, but he, Hayes, Lockhart, Marshall, Silvagni all got games, which is important given we need to find some players for 2020.
  • Bolton was good in the VFL and should be a chance for next week.

The bad.

  • Jack Ross was our highest scoring mid.

  • Look, let’s not sugar coat it. Even at full strength we’re not coping with a 1500+ score against us. But Higgins withdrawal was just another kick to our already dicey scoring power.

  • Nick Shipley keeps posting good numbers but can’t get a look in at GWS.

  • Ditto for Narkle at Geelong.

  • the struggle to field 18 continues.

  • Sinclair is bipolar with his scoring.

The Ugly

  • sub 1200 scoring again. Partly due to one short, and partly due to injuries/form, but either way that’s disappointing. It’d be a very lucky week to secure a victory with that level of scoring.


Confirmed. He is eligible to be promoted back to your active list for Round 15.

@You_Shall_Be_Smoten - Per your earlier request: Barrass is now LTI eligible


Willie Rioli is still 4 weeks away!!! Would’ve been nice to know earlier he was going to be out for so long.

Can I LTI Taylor Duryea please @Dunlop?


May and Smack annoying me with their extended estimates, too.




Great, can I please LTI Barrass? Thanks @Dunlop


The good

The bad:
Injuries and Non-selections.

The ugly:
Can’t seem to hit the right FA players. Looking at being short again for the foreseeable future.