2019 FF Original discussion thread


Ready with pick 78.


Early pick.


cough ‘dodgy groins’ cough


Friendly reminder to @The_Mad_Bomber1 and @Awesome_Scotty that you both need to pay the 2019 entry fee. Thanks!


Hey Fog! Prize money was $90 last year and you sent me $70 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reminder!!





I’m probably gonna have to cross Sam Walsh off the list of “possibles” at pick 78, aren’t I ?


At least Zac Clarke will be available.


True! Every cloud…


And 60 to 70% of the Carlton list


Sooner or later, one or two of the 40 ex GWS players they’ve poached are going to be worth having.

I’m still annoyed that we (Ess) didn’t get Setterfield.


Francis :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Watson…
One year too late…


Aaron hall injured already. Sigh.


I think you’re going to have to cross him off the pick 2 “possibles”.


This will be the year of LDU


I dont like discussing the rookies pre-draft, so not to influence other peoples decisions/plans (and to disadvantage people who do the research), but it’s going to be a very interesting draft.
After pick 1, it could go many different ways.

I also feel like I’m going to be able to grab a good player @ #8


So, the draft starts this Monday?

Keepers in by this Friday on UF @Dunlop?

We giving out numbers to help text the next person in line @fogdog ? I have a new phone so I don’t have any numbers but more than happy to help text people.

Draft time is always my favourite time of the year, even tho (last year aside) I’ve generally given no respect to draft picks. Fresh hope and some fun drafting is always a winner in my books. With 6 picks inside the first round, @Alber_Goodthur will either make or break his team having given up a lot for those picks, will be a fascinating first round. I’m 100% taking Sam Walsh in both leagues with pick 1 so whenever @Jefferson has pick 2 sorted out, this draft will start flying.


We only have 17 on UF?
Is that right?
Who is missing?


And we’re going to need the rookie positions sometime soon.
Assuming UF doesn’t have the correct positions yet.