2019 FF Original discussion thread


You’re in for a world of hurt this week!!

My team is hungry for percentage


The Good
1 Won a close one.
2 Midfield starting to get in to some form the lowest score was Masten’s 74. He was looking like having a pretty poor score for most of the game.
3 Billy Longer comes in and scores a decent 74 first up as a surprise inclusion for his feeder club.

The Bad
1 Just beat a team that was one player short.
2 Jack Darling’s form slump
3 Grundy rediscovering his form, in the wrong week.


The Good:

1 When the stars align, the Tigers can still hit 1600.

2 Brandon Ellis averaging 94 after playing VFL in round one.

3 Welcome to the Pimpinio Tigers, Cameron Zurhaar. Solid 68 on debut, and while I expect some inconsistency early he looks a very decent free pick-up.

The Bad:

1 Lack of depth down back. Mirra is a very solid scorer, but fringe best 22. Gardiner is not the answer as a 6th defender but I have to keep him. Brander has all the traits but is not putting it on the scoreboard. Doedee’s gone for the year and May is probably two months away. When everything falls against me I could be going in one or even two short in the backline.

2 The rapid decline of Franklin. Does he have another ton in him?

3 Brown was always inconsistent, but he’s not best 22 anymore. Other talls in Jenkins, Smack and Draper unavailable for various reasons.

Considering my outs, my score this week was one out of the box. But the fact remains that the Tigers are walking a very fine line between success and disaster.


The good
Duursma and lukosious look to be solid picks
Milera, Daniel, Hopper and Berry becoming consistent, with plenty of time and scope for improvement
Stocker, Foley and O’Hallran all seem to be close to debuts.
Decentish scores that would keep me competitive with the 10 of the comp most weeks

The Bad
Inconsistency from older players. I don’t know how a lot of them keep their jobs. If I performed like them, fairly certain I wouldn’t get many contracts

The Ugly
LTIs - already 3 (Daw, Vickers willis and Boyd) down, have lost another player for 8 + weeks
Rankine and Mclenan - Rankine still seems to be a world away due to injury and mclenan seems to have dropped off the face of the planet.


Huge game for me against Topdon this week, can’t believe I’m still not in the 8 with almost 600 points more than the next-highest team in terms of points for and a percentage of 107!

Three weeks in a row 1500+, hopefully can build some momentum with some wins in the coming weeks and get on the positive side of the win / loss ledger!


I’m still filthy at losing to CB by 12 points.

Shiels 25
May 18
Sicily 63
Curnow 46
Goldstein 68
Walters 55

You’d get some looooong odds on that.


I played 3 short against you. Just be thankful I didn’t play a full team otherwise it’d have been a percentage booster for me.



@Dunlop can I LTI Marcus Adams?


Si, señor.

If you could give him a bionic bottom half, he’d have a solid career.


Struggling with the FA pool this week.

Zero available C’s that played last week.


Can you not mention FA just before closure? I go from 2-3 coaches requests to 15!


I’ve got ya back, foggy.


Already calling myself out this week.

Likely be one short this week, didn’t get a chance to use FA. Trying to push through an implementation at work and the timezone difference means less hours less sleep

Consider it official warning #1.


Probably lucky you won last week playing one short too.


Memo to the rest of the comp (pretty much) you are a miserable bunch of a-holes, out of all those players you left me Liam effing Jones! :wink:


Yeah, I did put in 4 bids in last week for a back the FA. Had a full team until I had a late withdrawal.

Will do it next week too. Short-term injuries are fun to manage!

Weller and Williamson and Whitfield back within the week, so shouldn’t be short.


A crunch game against the Cruncha’s. Appropriate. Should get Higgins back, hopefully Burgoyne as well to help with team versatility. Shai Bolton must be a big chance too.

Didn’t quite set up my FA as I should have. But hoping Eagles diabolical form leads to a HBrayshaw debut in next week or two.


Whoops. Sorry!


ok, Jonas still injured but a full 18 and even a couple of players on the bench! Unusual! Fingers crossed no late outs. Mcstay to the pine for F/B coverage, and Lockhart for a C option. Brayshaw didnt get a gig, which is somewhat disappointing, but another good WAFL outing hopefully has him close. I really really need Vardy to get his crap together in a hurry because i’ve no room to move on Ruck depth.

We’re out to make The Mad Bomber really really mad come Sunday evening. Long odds, but we’re feeling good with Higgins and Burgoyne returning. Looking for our third win, the kids will gain a lot from it if we can manage to do it. Would be great if it starts tonight with Marshall kicking a handful against Collingwood.