2019 FF Original discussion thread


I’ll be opening up Position Polls at the conclusion of this round (7), so if you have any of your own players that you’d like to nominate for a position change/add please PM me. I’ll give a full week for nominations to come in, ending Sunday 12th May @10.00pm. But I’m sure most have a general idea of which of their players they’d like to throw up. This way we have ample time for votes to come in, which usually takes a week or so before the mid year trade season starts.

Remember: to qualify for a position change the player has had to have played a minimum 3 AFL games this year when position nominations close (end of Round 8).


I thought I saved the changes to my team (it is as I wanted on the spreadsheet) do we take the UF side or the other?

The difference is that I have Jack Lonie (on field) and Teia Miles on the bench on UF.

It appears I still have Lonie on field on the spreadsheet but Liam Jones replaces Miles on the bench.


Good Luck this week @Crazy_Bomber


Post reported.


We take the UF side mate.


Makes little difference, G Rohan will come off the bench for MB anyway.

Fortunately Jeremy Howe had a shocker, but it already feels a long way back from here. I need Sinclair to have one of his intermittent “up” weeks and Higgins to go huge. I just don’t feel like I have many bankable “weapons” at this point of too many careers. Not expecting much from Burgoyne 1st game back and Lewis is just about done. Mundy might score well again though.

If Bolton can have 20 and lay 9 tackles like he did in the ressies I’ll be very content. Big “IF” though.


Like last season I’m happy to help throw out poll suggestions for those coaches that are time poor, overseas or just don’t watch many non-Essendon games.

Seagulls will roll out our 12 and 13th debutants for the season in Mitch Lewis and the last of our 5 traded-in players in Voldemort (aka the GWS player that can’t be named). Lucky Clark was selected as I was anticipating at least one of Rowboat and Setters playing this week.

Underwhelming start to the Blummers game (from both sides), Rocky had a rare stinker, but Beams helpfully had a poor one as well to negate the impact. Hoping Darcy’s a late inclusion so ex-Seagull Jamie Elliott’s 109 isn’t counted.


What’s your data look like for Mitch Duncan, Dayne Beams and David Swallow?
I’m pretty sure Duncan is playing midfield but there has been talk that Geelong are trusting their younger guys more in the middle.
Dayne Beams scoring has been up and down so I’m wondering if he is playing more of a forward line role.
Swallow played in GC’s forward line in round 1 (probably managing an injury) but I’m not sure if that’s followed through any further.



Crikey! Burgoyne has started like a freight train.

And I have him benched but Lockhart has already outscored himself from last week. Edit: 57 at half time, very pleasing and at least if I have a late midfield out I may have a very decent score as backup.

Lewis is struggling though. I’m not surprised. He reminds me of Scotty Lucas’ final year, where the game was suddenly and very obviously too quick for him.


Burgoyne has flatlined.

Lewis looks totally cooked.


Thanks mate. I think you’re in the box seat, you’ve started like a house on fire and all my guns (O’Meara/Henderson) have had modest games.

And Adam Kennedy gets a concussion early in the second on 34.


image https://media.giphy.com/media/Mxj2eU2WohHtm/giphy.gif

It’s only Mitcham Marvels.
It’s only Mitcham Marvels.
It’s only…


I am done. Terrible.


Topdon has started well here, going to need to pick up my game, going to be tight I think


I reckon I’ll lose this week, Naughton’s previous highest score in his career was 79, tearing me a new one


Even Balta is scoring well, definitely in trouble


Lol. That’s cute.

One bad score then Dunkley goes huge with 145 and Baker 96. You’re in the box seat.


Blummers well home, propelled by 2 ex-Seagulls in Elliott & Marshall. Seagulls have been up for a while, but we’re having a collective mare this week. Hardwick’s 90 could lead the side.

Didn’t help matters by selecting IC on the basis that he was replacing Whitfield who played wing last week and IC’s been predominantly playing wing this season…but Kennedy ended up filling the vacant wing role (then Lloyd post-injury), leaving IC to play the same deep/pressure forward role he was tried and failed at last season and hasn’t played at any level since. Not sure why you’d bother given Langdon’s fit again and a natural in the role, but that’s why Cameron earns the big bucks.

@Blummers32 - Duncan had a couple of 2nd halves down back due to injuries to others (O’Connor), but he’s been a steady winger all year who also gets some inside time.

Swallow picked up a corky very early in Rd 1 so that is why he was playing forward, been inside mid in the other 2 games analysed with last week’s game still sitting on the IQ to analyse.

Analysed every Pie game so far as they haven’t been off the 7 schedule yet - Beams has been inside mid every round bar the game he missed with illness. Unlike most clubs, Collingwood run a regimented system with only relief rotations outside of their core 6 (barring in-game injuries or a de Goey midfield stint because they’re struggling). Aside from Friday where WHE replaced Adams in the rotation post-injury, de Goey’s the only other player that has had more than 3 appearances in their rotation since Mayne got injured.

Speaking of midfield frequency stats - you’ll like this one @saladin - Ross was the Tigers most frequently used mid last week, attending 21 of the 22 bounces.


You’re desperately unlucky to cop Dunkley the first week of the season that Beveridge remembers that Dunkley works as an inside mid, not a forward.


I’m toast. Worst performance for the year.