2019 FF Original discussion thread


Closer than it was but 9 scores below 80 including a couple of absolute disasters makes it real hard.


Mid 40’s from Hodge and Lewis is a good summary of why this season is so tough. We can’t get a week where multiple experienced players put their hands up, and Ross/Hayes etc will inevitably have average weeks.


I need 26 in the last 7 minutes to win…


I’m 11 down on MB ! Even a semi decent performance from Colyer and I’d be home.


6 down…


Where the hell did Dill come from?


Might be a tie! 1320 apiece.


Cheers @fogdog. Thought you had me til mid afternoon. Not a stellar game from a lot of mine. Dragged over the line by a few.


The good…

  • I’ve passed 1400 for the first time this year. So good to hit that figure without Robbie Gray, Sean Darcy, Jack Viney, Callan Ward, Nic Newman and Zach Tuohy.
  • I’m very happy with the way I’m handling the list this year. Every week I’ve had 22 players to choose from.
  • The next four games are all winnable. I’ll need some more scores like this week though.

The bad…

  • Prior to this round, I had the highest against scores in the league. I’ve had a tough run early, so it should get better from here on out.
  • David Swallows up and down year has mimicked his career. Was hoping he’d be more consistent this year.
  • Whilst I think one of them could turn into a Tuohy like scorer eventually, it appears that Ethan Hughes and Callum Wilkie are going to be liabilities for me if they are in my 18.

The ugly…

  • Dayne Beams’ form has been patchy so far this year. He’s good enough for a starting midfield spot, but I’m going to need to find a replacement for him as he’s obviously on the decline.
  • My injury list. Will still be without Robbie Gray, Viney and Nic Newman next week.


Pending late score adjustments, we’re celebrating the Tie like Shotgun Williams in a preseason game.

And if only I’d selected Lockhart… D’oh!

Or if they’d paid the blatant holding the ball against Miers…


Congrats @You_Shall_Be_Smoten, too good.


  • Guthrie is currently one of the highest averaging backs in the comp, gunning it
  • Mitch Robinson is still a gun FF’er
  • Menegola dined out on a woeful Bombers
  • David Cunningham looks like a good player for Carlton


  • A 14 point loss and one of our lowest scores for the year
  • Kennedy injured on 34 early in the GWS game
  • 5 players scored under 60
  • Everyone else was CACA


A tie!


Well played Saladin the Saracens just would not give up, and there is some hope for the future you have some good young kids. Keep punchin!


Big game coming up against the similarly placed Dunners.

Not sure if I’m due to get Cotchin back. A trifle concerned that Ross may be approaching a “rested” week. A couple of others 50/50 for selection I suspect.


The Good

  1. Awwwww, baby’s first ton! Zurhaar won’t get to play Fark Carlton every week, but still. So happy to have picked him up.

  2. Perhaps a back-handed compliment, but there’s room for improvement. Sicily, Ellis, Ed, and the concussed early Ebert were all well down on what’s expected of them, and while new pick-up in Young had a terrible 41 I liked the way he played. I can see him being a solid scorer if he’s given the opportunity.

  3. The 4 points.

The Bad

  1. I was given a scare by the team coming 18th and 1390 won’t come close to cutting it against foggy this week.

  2. Waaaaaiiiiiiting for my bench to become available, and why does Clarkson hate Mirra?

  3. I thought Brayden Ainsworth would be stepping up in the WAFL but he hasn’t, and FA pick-up Sholl seems to have dropped off in the SANFL, too.


The good:

  1. Best score of the round
  2. Reilly O’Brien’s 120. Ready made replacement for Sam Jacobs.
  3. Taylin Thomas breaks out and looks a strong long-term prospect.

The bad:

  1. The back line is shambolic.
  2. Back line needs Hanley, Kolodjashnij and Ellis back ASAP.
  3. Have I mentioned the back line?


The Good
Pretty bleak in this category
Banking the 2 premiership points…
Jeremy Cameron looking like showing the form I was thinking he might have and now approaching the consistency that I thought he might all the way back when I drafted him.

The Bad
7 players scored under 55 including 4 under 50.
2 tons and a top score of 111
Jeremy Howe’s 27 is not what we are after, but he does have some credits in the bank, so he is forgiven for now.


The Good

  • Stephenson and Papley tonning up
  • B Smith, H.0re and Phillips proving handy recruits

The Bad

  • 4 scores under 50
  • Mills just being average. Expected him to kick on this season


The Good

  • We didn’t Lose!
  • I didn’t put him on the ground but Lockhart scored his first century and would have been our highest scoring mid! Probably has a reasonable case for forward status now too. I was pleasantly surprised to get him via FA, and doubly so now. But perhaps he didn’t suit many other lists considering I’m searching to replace old buggers.
  • Ross, Bolton, Hayes, Silvagni, Kolo and even Marshall - whilst they didn’t exactly set the comp alight - were all serviceable. Playing the long game out of necessity, there’s a little hope there.
  • Harbrow. 1st tonne of the year iirc.
  • Mundy. The only one of my myriad of vets to so far defy his birthdate. He led the charge in the final hour to very nearly sn.atch victory.
  • We actually could have won a few matches this week with that score. Much less deflating to score 1300+ than somewhere in the 11 hundreds, win lose or draw.

The Bad

  • We didn’t win!
  • Lockhart would have been our highest scoring mid! Wtf?
  • How does Higgins rack up 37 and not break the tonne?
  • Ross looks like a very good drafting move for the future, but I thought a few signs that he may need a rest soon
  • Lewis looks done physically. Hodge not as much but a poor week anyway.
  • Cotchin, Grigg and Weller all still injured. I need some soldiers back.
  • I nearly had a coronary when Miers was allowed to throw the ball away during the AFL game. And then I realised the secondary import of it late yesterday evening.
  • Narkle. Watching both games yesterday, no way he breaks into that Cat side atm.
  • I know Wobs idea was to get through to trade period and offload a couple of veterans. And that’s fine, that makes sense. But in order to patch together a playing 18 I’ve already had to jettison a couple and I’m not sure a couple of others will have much interest even if they get through unscathed.


Also congrats @wimmera1, good luck for the rest of the season