2019 FF Original discussion thread


He was on my list that week.
But I am a big fan of Giro through his junior years so I had him higher even though he’s unlikely to get games anytime soon. I think I had Zac Clarke higher as well as I needed ruck cover.
Also, even though he could switch to a FC, I couldn’t carry another C. I’ve got plenty of FC’s so team flexibility to cover my midfield is preferred.

Nice pick up though if he keeps his spot.


LTI Sam Draper, please @Dunlop.


Hi all.

Away the past weekend at the hospital. My grandpa’s lung fibrosis moved to the next level and they found a tear on his lower lung, so it’s harder for him to breathe. Kept him company for as long as possible, in between doing work.

The bloke is an absolute legend and taught us the important of treating everyone fairly & equally and always walking into a room with your chin up! The bloke represented Fiji against Gary Sobers and Wes Hall back in the day and has super high cricket IQ!

He hasn’t got long to live now but going to try spend has much time as I can with him. I definitely won’t be MIA again, we are better prepared for the coughing and hard-to-breathe sessions and minimising the pain.

No excuses fantasy-wise from me, even slacked on the spreadsheet business!


Best wishes mate.

Three of my grandparents spent their final weeks in palliative and it’s not easy at all for anyone, no matter how “prepared” I thought I was.

And there’s often a special bond with grandparents imo. It’s different but it’s oh so real for many of us. Certainly was for me, with two in particular.

Life and time is fleeting. FF will be still be here and is just a game, so don’t stress it on that front.


Good luck Neela. Thinking of you and the family.


Best wishes, mate.


Best wishes for you and your family mate.


Blessings to you and all your family at this sad time. It is a most precious and privileged time to be with those you love and respect.


All the best, mate.
Take as much care of yourself as you can.


Is Harry Cunningham LTI-eligible?


The Good

  • Always nice to get a win against CB
  • Midfield is reliable as ever
  • Redman looks a lock in the side

The Bad

  • Cunningham, having a great year, out injured for the medium term
  • Eric Hipwood… feast or famine
  • Charlie Ballard… really happy to have him playing, would love him to become more of a play maker to get Fantasy-relevance.

The Ugly

  • Should have benched Daniel Rioli after a few niggles have hampered him in recent weeks.


Best wishes and take care Neela.


Best wishes buddy.
Spend as much time as you need with family.
Much more important than work or this competition.
Take it easy.


All the best Neela.


@Dunlop can I please LTI Jack Lonie?
Jack Lonie Knee 8-10 weeks (from AFL Injury list.) I know, I know take with a grain of salt.


All the best neela, went through very similar situation a year ago on Sunday.


Take your time Neela and enjoy the moments you have left. Nobody’s stressing over having a predicted score.

@The_Mad_Bomber1 - Honestly the AFL version is identical to what clubs put out internally now (or in Geelong’s case which frequently had different rehab periods, it is the sole injury offering they provide so who can tell), so much so that I’ve come to the conclusion there isn’t any point producing one myself anymore.
@wimmera1 - Done
@You_Shall_Be_Smoten - Anybody that has at least 8 weeks in their rehab period is LTI worthy, when 8 is the highest expected return date, you’ve got to decide whether it is worth the gamble if they come back on the low end especially if they heal a week or 2 earlier than anticipated.


Thanks @Dunlop, I would like to LTI Cunningham.


FAs will be processed later today. There’s 15 requests this week :flushed:


And none are mine, given I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Tuesday… Lol, idiot.