2019 FF Original discussion thread


We’ll need someone to help out with FA when you’re celebrating in Madrid the week of June 1st.


I won’t be able to do FA until 10pmish tonight. Sorry to those this might impact.


IT wasn’t my fault this week :stuck_out_tongue:


I was going to do FA in the second half this morning but Moura didn’t allow that.


Previously unannounced injury to my #1 player this season, which in turn possibly makes me 1 short this week…pfft 'tis a mere flesh wound to my chances.

Prepare to meet your doom worthy advasary @saladin

Can’t see RCD debuting on the ground that will expose his current aerobic deficiencies the most, so Cegs & Morrison are the hope of the side to be able to field a full side.

Re: Lockhart - Would you believe I happened to be browsing the Richmond boards and was taken in by a Tiger troll stating Naish would debut so bumped him ahead of Jay. Thrilled with Naish’s swift development at VFL level, but Lockhart would be very handy for my side.


Happy to have carried him for half a year for you, Dunners.


as it turns out, who i was considering didnt get named anyway, lol.

Right, on to the Black Knight showdown with Sir Dunners. We’ve scored substantially less but are half a game in front. Ye shall not pass!


■■■■■. Beams out. Bonner out. ANB an emergency. Tuohy on the extended interchange.

Darcy and Bewley are extended bench. Same with Curtis Taylor.

I can’t recall who I put in for in FA but it looks like I’ll be short one somewhere.


Just had a look. Of the players I’ve drafted, already cut 6 of them and cut one player who was a keeper.


Just another reminder that if you have any players you want to throw up for position polls PM me. You have until Sunday 12th May @10.00pm. Cheers


Nice to welcome Zac Bailey back into the team with -1 and then see him go just as quickly :upside_down_face:


That’s unluuuccckkyyyy!!!


My adelaide and power players have absolutely stopped in the second half, could have closed the gap nicely, going to be touch and go tomorrow now…


Rocky has put Dunners in pole position in our clash, imo. Plenty of players left for both but I think I’d like to be a bit further in front. Harbrow, Marshall and Hodge all disappointing today. 92 from Lockhart was very nice, though.


The Fogtrotters are a long way from their best, which is the only reason I’m in with a shot.
If I can average 80-83 from my last ten then I should be safe.


It’s never over until it’s over but three scores of 42 or less and four scores in the 50s-60s has pretty much handed it to you.

Seems to be a trend with this team. Fails to compete with the top 4 competitors but beats up on and wastes big scores on the lesser teams.

Fingers crossed for a big Sunday of scoring.


Just a reminder guys, if you have ANY players you want to put up for POSITION POLLS you have until 10pm TONIGHT to send them to me. So have a look at your list and let me know, this is the last reminder. They have to have played a minimum 3 games to qualify for a chance. Cheers.


I need 58 in a half to win from Hill, Lobb and Houli.

Considering Lob has scored 81 in the first half alone I should get home but who knows.


I’m calling my game now…

The good…

  • Saturday. I was on target to hit 1350 to 1400.
  • Duncan went big. Pity few others helped him out.
  • I somehow scrounged together 18 scorers from this dumpster fire of a round.

The bad…

  • Thursday. Beams was a surprise out. Didn’t hear anything about that. ANB and Riley Bonner weren’t expected to be out either.
  • Friday. Not DT related but that was a ■■■■■ beginning to the round.

The ugly…

  • Sunday. What a totally ■■■■■ day. Nick Haynes with 49. Zach Tuohy with 52. Jed Anderson with 43. Mason Wood with 46. Daniel Lloyd with 46. Matera looks on pace for 30. Ethan Hughes looks on pace for 40. With some luck, I’ll reach 1250, but if the first half repeats, I’ll just creep over 1200.
  • I need Hughes, Luke Ryan and Matera to outscore Balta Brayshaw and Tabberner by 140 points in half a game of footy.
  • Season looks over. Couldn’t afford to lose this week. Unfortunately Beams, Newman, Robbie Gray, ANB, Bonner and Darcy all out for various reasons and having a perfect storm of terrible scores cost me a loss.


Ross ankle injury may have definitively sunk me.

3 vs 4 seagulls