2019 FF Original discussion thread


Wilson is sympathetic to your cause and refusing to go near the ball.


It’s Heart attack central as Saracens coach !!!

I think I’ve had consecutive ties…:grimacing:


Fourth loss of the season, my cumulative losing margin for the season is 59 points, can’t buy any luck this year.


Another draw for @saladin pending late adjustments. Colyer’s late goal was crucial. Sal you need to shoot Mundy out a cannon…and I’ll be doing the same to Wilson.

Coach killers: Final 20 seconds of the game - Wilson has the ball and opts to handball to Mundy of all people, then Mundy inexplicably handballs it back to Wilson for the tieing kick.

Usually tackles aren’t registered if they don’t result in a stoppage, but Bolton was given one for tackling Fyfe seconds after he kicked it 50m.


Holy crap, I think you’ve had two draws in a row for the first time in FF history! Remarkable!


Far too good Fudge. Well done on another win!

My guys, another ■■■■ house effort. Dumont pretty much the only shining light this season. Sigh.

I need my Norf trio of Hall, Ahern, Bailey to get selected and Graham to get healthy. ASAP.

I hate the NEAFL fixture too. Far too many byes. I wanted to see Caldwell/Hill push for selection after the poor Giants display.


LOL @saladin. Another tackle to both Bolton and Tucker in late adjustments to preserve the draw. Commiserations you deserved the win.


Lol, I was trying to work out why we both got a scoring boost!

Not sure about “deserved” but a bit unlucky with Ross.

I still can’t nail selection with so many fringe players. McStay over Marshall and I win comfortably.
Same last week with Lockhart benched.



  • Highest score of the year with a 1482 (2nd highest this week) and my biggest score of the year. I reckon we’re a dangeroud opponent for teams this year despite being inconsistent
  • 3 of our last 4 games we have scored 1400+
  • Five 100+ scores.
  • Henderson sends his regards to the Wimmerias, he’s in smoking form
  • Mitch Robinson is a gun and Dunstan back with a ton
  • Josh Battle down back has been huge for me
  • Cunningham has been my recruit of the year, looks like a really good strong player for Carlton and is scoring well too
  • Menadue outside the 22 has a career best disposal game and 2nd best ever score, hopefully he can continue


  • We play our best when Essendon lose
  • Brad Hill had a night off, skating around at half pace not doing much
  • JOM scored about 10 points in the second half
  • Josh Kennedy’s form this year


Lost my backline but survived a good challenge. Need to restock and reset. Come the trade period I will be in the market for a high scoring back.


Last call for anyone wanting to put players up for position polls?


Official Final Scores

Crazy Bomber 1485 defeated Awesome Scotty 1403
Fudge 1552 defeated wezza 1110
wimmera 1463 defeated fogdog 1268
Blummers 1239 lost to topdon 1380
Allblack 1492 defeated The_Mad_Bomber 1404
Dunlop 1341 drew with saladin 1341
You Shall Be Smoten 1365 defeated Stoops 1342
Alber_Goodthur 1197 lost to Windy Dill 1451
Jefferson 1057 lost to Vandrs 1269

BBFL1 PB: saladin
2019 PB: Craze, Fudge
2019 Low: fogdog, Jefferson


Position PosLR Team GP Wins Losses Draws For Against % Pts
1 1 Allblack 8 8 0 0 12184 10532 115.7 32
2 3 wimmera 8 6 2 0 11653 10509 110.9 24
3 5 Fudge 8 6 2 0 11150 10254 108.7 24
4 4 Vandrs 8 6 2 0 10498 9779 107.4 24
5 6 Windy Dill 8 6 2 0 10859 10452 103.9 24
6 2 fogdog 8 5 3 0 11677 10596 110.2 20
7 7 Mad Bomber 8 4 3 1 10728 10577 101.4 18
8 8 Stoops 8 4 4 0 11406 10733 106.3 16
9 10 topdon 8 4 4 0 10480 10313 101.6 16
10 11 Crazy Bomber 8 4 4 0 10806 10975 98.5 16
11 9 Awesome Scotty 8 4 4 0 10571 10854 97.4 16
12 15 YSB Smoten 8 3 5 0 10526 11052 95.2 12
13 12 saladin 8 2 4 2 9833 10548 93.2 12
14 14 Dunlop 8 2 5 1 10578 11095 95.3 10
15 13 Blummers 8 2 6 0 10511 10980 95.7 8
16 16 Alber Goodthur 8 2 6 0 9590 10707 89.6 8
17 17 wezza 8 1 7 0 9788 11144 87.8 4
18 18 Jefferson 8 1 7 0 9304 11042 84.3 4

Next Week

Jefferson (18) vs. Crazy Bomber (10)
saladin (13) vs. Awesome Scotty (11)
The_Mad_Bomber (7) vs. topdon (9)
You Shall Be Smoten (12) vs. Allblack (1)
Alber_Goodthur (16) vs. Blummers (15)
Match of the Round: Windy Dill (5) vs. wimmera (2)
Vandrs (4) vs. Fudge (3)
fogdog (6) vs. Dunlop (14)
Stoops (8) vs. wezza (17)

The 2nd season to date summary (average score chart + improvement scale) will be posted in the next few days.


Congratulations AB, you had an 8 and still won convincingly.

I should not be too down, your boys are the yardstick at the moment and we did break 1400. We got a bit of a lesson but we did not get our pants pulled down.

Had a rough couple of weeks but hopefully our KPI’s are going to continue to move in the right direction.


The Good

  • We didn’t Lose! For the 2nd week running!
  • Lockhart backed up last week’s hundred with a 90. Fingers crossed, but maybe we’ve found a potential player here.
  • Bolton. 1st hundred for the club. Like Lockhart, it’s critical that we find a few kids for the keeper list. Another possible player. Job security increasing.
  • Hurn. Keeps on keeping on
  • Mundy. Gave Dunners the chance to level the match, but we can’t be too critical. He and Bolton hauled us back from disaster when we were outnumbered for two and a half quarters.
  • As per last week, it’s Much less deflating to score 1300+ than somewhere in the 11 hundreds, win lose or draw.
  • Sinclair. The up and down cycle continues, but I can’t bag him on an “up” week.
  • Nathan Jones and Heath Shaw. Both wound back the clock. Their consistent days are gone, so we’ll enjoy the good weeks when they come.

The Bad

  • We didn’t win! For the second week running.
  • Ross injured. Not sure how bad, but as noted last week he just looks to be tiring a bit anyway.
  • team selection. I invariably get it wrong, particularly with Marshall and McStay.
  • harbrow. Tonnes it last week, back to rubbish 50 this week. Just cannot afford such large swings from a best 18 player.
  • WAFL and SANFL had a state week, so Brayshaw and Woodcock didn’t get an outing to impress.
  • A bye for GWS reserves was unfortunate. Shipley should be close to their 22, especially after another failure on the MCG.
  • Silvagni. Did some “clever” things like taps and forward line spoils, but they don’t earn us jack, Jack! Grab the ball, kick it! I don’t give a stuff who too!

So, consecutive draws. Amazing. Ridiculous. Frustrating. Haven’t lost in two weeks, dropped down the ladder anyway! Blah.

We desperately need Cotchin back, only just patching a midfield together and strongly suspect Ross will be rested, if not injured.

I’ve given up on Grigg. Weller is back playing so we may at least get an extra number at selection in the next couple of weeks. Small mercies atm.


Dang CB! You got me real good there.

Good to finally get Weller back and in great form. Just waiting to get Whitfield back and a few other players into form.


I think I got you at the right time with a lot of your players hurt or out of form, you’ll finish the year strongly still I reckon.

BTW - Thanks for those that PM’d me players up for position polls. They’ll be sent out within the next few days for voting. Cheers


Bad news @saladin. Jack Ross out with an ankle syndesmosis strain, no news on for how long.



  • 6-2!!! Awesome start to the year so far, a best start to a FF year by a mile.
  • Jack Crisp is a gun!!! 4 100+ scores in a row. I’m shocked that I’ve never, ever had a trade offer come up for him.
  • McCluggage!! 6 out of 8 scores have been over 90.
  • Jordan Clark with a nice bounce back this week with a 95, pity I had him on the bench.
  • Depth - We have struggled the last few years when injuries hit but I think we are copping okay. This week we have Adams, Nankervis and Raz out but we “should” have a few players coming in. Sam Day has been close all year and this should be his week. McHenry looks set for a debut soon after being very solid in the SANFL for a month. Ben Keays was emergencies and should be close. Clarke had a bazillion touches in the NEAFL and hopefully the likes of Riolli, Gleeson and Duryea return from injury soon.


  • Winning with only 1269!! Very lucky we came up against Jeffersen this week.
  • I think we’ll get a fair old touch up this week against Fudge’s mob.
  • Injuries - They are starting to pile up. Raz and Nankervis join Adams out for a few weeks on the side lines. We have cover but nothing to replace the guys mentioned.


I lost the Battle of the Smiths.


The good

  • The backline bolstered: Hanley, Broadbent and O’Riordan all come in
  • Really liking the look of Tarryn Thomas
  • Solid start to the year at 6-2

The bad

  • Dusty’s form - 78 average
  • Vandrs sold start to the year at 6-2