2019 FF Original discussion thread


The Good.
I reckon it was the first time we cracked 1400 this season.
Gryan Miers getting a NAB nomination.
Scoring over 1400 with a few players well below their best (Westhoff, Scully, Cameron, Darling).
Getting much more consistency with scorers this week after being pretty average last week.

The Bad
Getting beaten by a large margin % may mean a lot at the end of the H&A season.
8 scores 65 or less.
Being barely in the 8.


Seagull Shout-Out: Kudos to Rocky for surpassing Bernard’s (Vince) 159 games to become our 2nd highest games record holder. He’s unlikely to become first though as Priddis is still 2 seasons away on 185 games (he was just so damn durable).

The Good

  • Managed to come away from the weekend with some points without Fiorini
  • Rocky and Hunter stepping up to cover Brayden
  • Stewart looks like he has escaped serious injury - neck injuries can be career killers
  • Hardwick continues to grow as my 2nd best defender
  • Duggan’s scoring consistency continues to improve
  • Dawson still scoring solidly whilst having to cover Franklin’s role
  • Potentially more selection options coming shortly with 5 players consistently registering in the bests in the 2s, 3 of them in particular have been bashing down the door and just need an opportunity

The Bad

  • Fiorini’s previously unannounced injury
  • Higgins’s form has dove off a cliff the last 2 weeks
  • Duggan’s tackle numbers going backwards for a 3rd consecutive season

The Ugly

  • Needing an injury to Ross to just barely haul in the 80pt deficit from Saturday night whilst having an extra 2 players
  • The teams complete aversion to tackling: only 5 players had more than 2, whereas saladin’s boys had only 8 players with less than 3. Bolton’s 7 tackle contribution alone was the equivalent of 9 Seagulls.
  • Nathan Wilson. Sulked it up big time after being dropped last week - 27 until very late in the last term and then handballs the ball to saladin’s Mundy in the dying seconds…awfully lucky Mundy returned the favour instead of kicking the ball himself. He’s awfully lucky Williams has been Beveridge’d and Naishy and Voldemort probably need another pre-season in the gym to play AFL consistently


Grigg retired ! :astonished:

He was one of my younger keepers… Lol.


Can I please LTI Toby Nankervis @Dunlop?

And I see Devon Smith is missing this week!! Just awesome!



Average Scores

1523 - Allblack
1460 - fogdog
1457 - wimmera
1426 - Stoops
1394 - Fudge
1357 - Windy Dill
1351 - Crazy Bomber
1341 - Mad Bomber

1322 - Dunlop
1321 - Neela
1316 - Smoten
1314 - Blummers
1312 - Vandrs
1310 - topdon
1229 - saladin
1224 - wezza
1199 - Alber_Goodthur
1163 - Jefferson

Improvement Scale (Compared to 2018 Average Score)

+131 - Crazy Bomber
+110 - topdon
+89 - Allblack
+81 - Stoops
+50 - Dunlop
+49 - fogdog
+36 - Alber_Goodthur
+10 - Windy Dill

+7 - Smoten
+1 - Vandrs
-4 - Jefferson
-16 - wimmera
-19 - Blummers
-38 - Fudge
-39 - wezza
-69 - Mad Bomber
-148 - saladin
-200 - Neela

Congratulations to @Windy_Dill and @Crazy_Bomber who are the big improvers since last month’s post jumping 7 and 8 places respectively in the weekly averages. Craze replaces topdon as the season’s most improved, whilst Dill rose from being in the worst 4 performers year-on-year back to mid table.

Though topdon only lost 25pts from his weekly average it was enough to bump him down 6 spots, wezza meanwhile, had a spectacularly bad month, losing almost 100pts from his average (his first month low of 1208 bested anything from this month) and plummeting from 10th to 16th in average scores and from 6th most improved to one of the 4 worst performers year-on-year. Wes was also one of only 2 teams (the other being Alber_Goodthur) to have 3 scores under 1200 in the period.


well, ive no idea how but i think we’ve improved quite a bit. iirc, we were negative 180-ish, now “up” to negative 148. lol.

Edit: just checked. went from 1205 average to 1229. So a 50 point improvement across the second block of matches compared to the first 4 games. and i think all i have to show for it are two draws!!? lol, tough game this one.

major problems coming up though, with injuries/retirement likely to impact heavily yet again.


My average scores are a little misleading.
I’ve had players not finish a game in five of the eight rounds.
In the three rounds my eighteen have finished the game on the park, I’m averaging 1566.


@Dunlop Can I LTI Zac Bailey?


not surprised. Playing short the last few weeks has cooked me.


Position Polls sent out now, let me know if you didn’t get one. If everyone could copy and paste, add in their votes and send back to me in a separate PM to me please. Cheers.


Happy to be most improved club so far considering where I came from last year. 3rd last and with an aging list, made some notable trades to change things around, including Shuey, Franklin, Boak, Westhoff, Broadbent & Geary out. Also played three short in the first two games and two short in the 3rd game, so if they all scored a base of 50 I would be averaging 1400 right now which has me 5th most for points, not shabby. I think the big boost was nailing the draft this year, every pick was a winner basically, especially guys like Battle, Drew & Cunningham who I followed my heart with and have repaid the faith. Also some improvement from senior few blokes, notably Lobb and a back to form Newnes has helped matters with the obvious improvement from JOM, Henderson & Guthrie who has been excellent. Aiming for a return to finals but a loss to Smoten last week hurt those chances, with some of the big boys in Windy, MB, Stoops and Neela starting to find their form slowly after sluggish starts to the year will makes things tough.

On the flip side I’d like to see Matthew Kennedy play soon considering what I paid for him, and losing Riewioldt and Marcus Adams for most the year hurt, the latter not even playing a game for me yet which is disapointing. Also Will Brodie not being treated nicely by Dew has me hoping he gets traded to another club at the end of year as the kid has talent, would love him at Essendon actually as he fits the inside bill. The club is in a much better position than it has been in the last 2 years, so these gripes sound insignificant compared to the dire situation of last year.


I was a tad sceptical about Battle and worried that Cunningham might fade in the real stuff, but you’ve absolutely smashed those picks so far. Great job.


Cheers. I had Battle last year when he played more forward so knew about his talent, especially marking but didn’t expect the success he has had so far. I might have to bide my time a little on Drew. He dominated with some huge scores in the absence of Wines and their usual older midfield rotation early on, but since he’s had less midfield time with their return and his scores are more modest. But I know what he can do what he gets good time in there. Cunningham is my favorite pick, as he was a huge gut feel pick, something that Dunlop was a pro at. Watching him play there’s a reason they brought him straight back in after his injury.


How are we managing the mid-season draft? Just going into the general FA pool after the draft?


Pretty happy with my improvement given I’ve had Steven, Hannebery, Birchall, McVeigh, Johannisen and Watts all out for periods, hopefully after the byes I can get a good run and push for the 8, think I’ve dropped too many games to finish Top 4 unfortunately.


Some of these position polls are deadset the most ambitious requests we’ve ever seen!! Lol.


I dunno there is only one that I got a UF “we have studied the heat maps and declare Chris Masten plays back on a regular basis” vibes, the rest of the ambitious ones I can at least see why a coach may think they’re playing there.

@Jefferson: No. You’ve already got Short & Cunico on LTI currently and Zac is only listed as out for 6 weeks.



I had a look at the heat maps among other things (watched games, team sheets, stats, media reports). I know they are unreliable but I figured they probably mean more than where a player is named in the weekly team. I tried to use them as info to back up what I’d seen watching matches (I am able watch more than I used to and look out for my players). Happy to talk through my thoughts on the players I nominated. If this is not ok, feel free to ignore / delete the post.

Stack - Ranges between the Half-back flank and wing. Not a lock-down defender but joins counter-attacks. Think similar to Andy McGrath who has CB eligibility. Only one clearance for the season but plenty of rebound 50s. Found some quotes from him about settling into the backline.

Butters - Port have him playing as a HFF who occasionally pushes onto the wing. Might end up as a pure C but not for a few years.

Myers - Realistically he is a pure C with very little FF currency. But in last Friday’s game I thought he spent some time forward so I nominated him. Initially did so for a bit of a laugh but also just making sure that I haven’t pigeonholed him. Not expecting this one to get up.


I nominated Stack for CB too :wink: