2019 FF Original discussion thread


Ouch!! Hope Sam Day gets ups now.


Feb 15, 2019 - Veteran Port Adelaide midfielder Brad Ebert has been earmarked to play as a forward this season. After kicking three goals in a standout display in the Power’s intraclub match at Alberton Oval on Friday nigh

Feb 19, 2019 - Port Adelaide hardhat Brad Ebert has confirmed that he’ll spend the majority of the 2019 season playing as a forward.

4 April, 2019 - But long-time midfielder Brad Ebert’s move forward has been a revelation for Port Adelaide so far this season.

18 April, 2019 - Ebert has spent more time forward than in previous years, with short midfield stints.

22 April, 2019 - PORT Adelaide forward Brad Ebert expects former teammates Jared Polec and Jasper Pittard to cop some treatment from Power supporters.

26 April, 2019 - And playing Brad Ebert as an almost permanent forward has yielded…

26 April, 2019 - He essentially swapped roles with Brad Ebert, who is now playing as a deeper forward to great effect.

6 May, 2019 - …while forward Brad Ebert is in doubt with concussion.

9 May, 2019 - Farrell adds pace to the forward line in place of veteran Brad Ebert, who has been ruled out with concussion.

15 May, 2019 - “I thought going forward this year might have prevented a few knocks but that hasn’t been the case.”


After making an online order error in the preseason and somehow having Luke Lavender delivered by accident, Saracens have welcomed the belated arrival of Jonathon Marsh via FA. Dylan Clarke has also joined the club in the same week.

“We’re really pleased to get Jonathon. He bolsters our stock of ‘probably rarely plays but shows just enough at VFL to tease that he may actually score ok but then struggles and is banished’ players. We need lots of those players, doesn’t everyone? I mean, we’ll probably need to delist someone next week so here’s another candidate” mused the coach.

“And Dylans a bit the same, but with the added bonus of being an Essendon player and therefore allowing us to join the ‘why won’t Woosha pick the kids rather than give games to David ■■■■■■ Myers’ outrage group. We’ve lacked that, and it’s great to be a part of it. We tried to join via Kobe, but it’s hard to be too vitriolic about not picking a kid with a detached hamstring, so we never felt quite included”.

“We bid farewell with fondness to Shaun Grigg, who refused to play a game under this coaching regime and ran about as well as my father’s old Triumph 2000TI. And also to Quinton Narkle, who was not only falling down the selection order at Geelong faster than Richard Di Natale’s recognisability rating, but who then had the temerity to do a hammy on the weekend.”

Saracens are hoping to prolong their two game drawing streak when they host Temple of Bont. “That’s the aim, yeah. We’ve been great, and three straight ties would really reward us for all the hard work we’re doing behind the scenes to find middling, average players. Jack Ross personifies the selfless nature of our club at the moment. He sacrificed his ankle last week to give us a chance of drawing that game. He’s going to miss quite a few weeks now, but we’re confident someone else will step up and fall down if needed. The players know the opportunity to be part of something really special is there this week.”


In: Jonathon Marsh
Out: Quinton Narkle



Regarding Atkins proposed position change, I honestly haven’t seen a lot of Geelong games this year.
And while I understand that named positions aren’t always correct, I submit the following for your consideration.

Rd2 Rover
Rd4 FF
Rd6 FP
Rd7 FP
Rd8 FP


Unfortunately I feel a sense of duty to the League to keep searching for a playing 18 and a couple of reserves. This is not aided by Griggs retirement and Ross’s injury.


I’m sure Neela, AB and I weren’t rapt with picking up list-cloggers this week either.


No doubt. A necessary evil.

And I tried to choose with one eye on upside all the same. Marsh was Sandy’s best on the weekend and surely Clarke gets a go at some point if he keeps having 30+ in the ressies.


Yeah i’m bringing in Soldo so I can switch Lycett forward, and one of my CF’s into the midfield.

I also expect Ridley, White and one of Hall/Ahern to play.

So I should be fielding a full 18 this week :crossed_fingers:


Sam Frost … FFS.


He was next on my list.

Edit: Still though, you’ll take 40 from him if you win by ten.


You’d take 31 from him if you win by 1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really need a few IN’s to come my way this week. Hopefully the likes of Sam Day,Clarke Willie Rioli and Ben Keays can get a look in. If 3-4 of them get up, especially Day, then I may still be able to put up a fight against Fudge.

Really shocked I didn’t get one of Soldo or Esava last night.


And now Coniglio!!! Oh fark this ■■■■!!!


No Ridley, White, Hall, Ahern and Touk Miller picked up a mystery injury :man_facepalming:


Soldo was my first in order


There’s a couple of other players I definitely should have picked up.
I have a bit of sunk cost fallacy thinking that’s not helping me.
Probably won’t get the chance now.

Not ideal selections for my Mini Final! against Dill, but no complaints. The starting 18 seems reasonable.

I’m actually more concerned about the apparent curse on the second placed team.


Was first on mine too, but cause you suck more you got him.


Marsh named. Clarke emergency. Probably the best I could hope for, but I thought Dylan was a reasonable chance. Reckon Marsh has the capability to be a 18-20 possession defender. Fingers crossed.

Just able to scrape 18 together so FA has done its job but literally no room to move.


Yeah I somehow managed to field a full side too, provided Day makes the cut.