2019 FF Original discussion thread


Bugger! Didn’t realise Matt Crouch was withdrawn by the Crows. That might stuff me if I lose a defender.


Atkins was a late out, too.
I’m not sure debuting Atley was the right call, but we’ll see.


Full 18 with 3 on the bench. Don’t remember the last time I was able to do this.

Hoping that McNeice playing tonight, doesn’t mean Connor is being pushed up into the midfield. First time I have benched him.

Pity that Mclenan didn’t get a debut tomorrow, looks like it won’t be far away though.


Hope McLennan gets a game soon, I’ve got him in the other league!


He’s been getting decent numbers in the neafl. Won’t be far off.


Geez my team has started terribly, Stanley out with no ruck cover as well, fortunately opponent is three down. Can’t afford to let this one slip.


hodge late out so i’ll be at least one short.


200 down and five against five.
I’m pretty screwed, even with Dill one down.

I wonder what happened to Brown.


Oh ■■■■ you Mcdonald


Terrible week. So many down on expectations


@Fudge just ■■■■■■ me and didn’t even take me out to dinner first!!


Man i whiffed on the Finlayson delisting. Was in my keepers until the Giants shopped him around in the off-season and got no takers. Assumed he wasn’t in their plans at all, but he’s playing so well as a forward this year.


Congrats, Dill.
That’s a fantastic score from 17.

Terrible week for the Tigers.


Wow, the McCarthy cup is a classic!!

  1. That’s ■■■■■■■ embarrassing.



  • Handed out a fair old 563 point thrashing and scored 1527 (highest for the year)
  • Four of the last five games have been 1400+ scores
  • Backline firing, Houli/Guthrie/McGovern in top form
  • Mihocek in career best form and always reliable
  • Return to form from the midfield, Dunstan in impressive form along with JOM/Henderson combination
  • De Boer raises the bat and brings up the ton, gotta love him
  • Membrey playing well in losing sides


  • Feels like I wasted a great score against a team that didn’t hit 1000
  • Menegola injured last week was a blow
  • Still no Brodie


The Good…

  • 1305 is a good score given it included 24 from Wood, 39 from ANB, 23 from Callum Brown and 44 from Oscar Allen.
  • Good to see Jed Anderson and Nic Newman ton up.

The Bad…

  • Last minute Friday selection change. Not sure why, but I pushed Oscar Allen into the third bench spot ahead of Ethan Hughes.
  • Two of my draft picks (Brett Bewley and Harry Jones) are still not demanding a game. Very disappointing.

The Ugly…

  • My injury list isn’t looking too good. Sean Darcy was injured in WAFL so may as well add him to Jamie Elliott, Callan Ward, Matt Scharenberg and Robbie Gray on the sidelines.
  • My finals chances are still alive, but I’m only two games from bottom bottom of the ladder.


The Good

  • Nothing

The Bad

  • Everything


I feel you, brother.


One short and wouldn’t have threatened Bont anyway.