2019 FF Original discussion thread


The Good
Second consecutive 1400+ score.
Brody Grundy on fire again!
A great performance from Luke Parker

The Bad
Going to need to find some points from somewhere as we won’t get many wins in the finals when the big boys of the comp are scoring 1450+.
Justin Westhoff is starting to look like a bit of a lemon, a high priced lemon at that. I am backing him to pull his finger out and return to normal programming shortly.
Sam Collins is looking like a bigger lemon than Martina Navratalova as each week goes by.


No light at the end of the tunnel either.

Baker, Wills, Hinge are the only 3 players in the pool that are C’s, but you think there’s a high chance that all three will be omitted next week.

I cant see Ahern/Scott/White/Graham/Cox getting a game next week, but I wont be dropping them.

Hopefully Miller and Moore are fit and can play.

My only shining light is Caldwell dominating the NEAFL this week.

Both leagues seem to be having the same problem. Coaches are more savvy, so the FA pool so much more thin.


The good

  • Top score of the round with one player short
  • The midfielders all tonne up
  • Duman with 99 first game back

The bad

  • JPK a late withdrawal leaves us one short
  • Fudge next week


LTI Jack Ross please, Dunners.



The Good.

  • Shaw, Mundy and Hurn all broke through the century mark again.
  • Bolton, hayes, Lockhart, silvagni all got games again
  • Mcstay’s 88 was his best score in a long time. Hopefully it may become more regular
  • Jonathon Marsh came in via FA and played.
  • Mav Weller has played two VFL games after injury and may be a chance.
  • Nick Shipley had 2,127 possessions and 78 clearances in the Neafl

The Bad.

  • Bolton, Hayes, Lockhart, silvagni all down on required output
  • Higgins got tagged out of contention
  • Hodge withdrawal left us one short
  • Fark Carlton gave up and let Whitfield destroy us
  • Cotchin still weeks away
  • Shipley still wont get a game.
  • 1266 will rarely win us a match.


And now I lose Soldo and likely Moore and Lycett wont play.

I’m honestly trying and trying to keep a decent time rolling, but this season …


The good.

absolutely ■■■■ all

The bad

Consistency. my lot can only play consistently ■■■■ together
Injuries. Really starting to mount up.
Izak Rankine with an injury set back. another 4 - 6 weeks away
o’hallran and foley: after putting together some decent form, both seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. No closer to selection than I am.
Conor McKenna: I really thought it looked like he was pulling it together the end of last year/beginning of this year. Seems to have fallen off of a cliff since about round 4.


and i forgot about Langdon missing and Salem in doubt with concussion :man_facepalming:

What’s the record low score?


I’ll need FA to fall my way to field a side, but it’s nothing compared to Wez’s problems atm.

And I was right - Shipley’s 40 possessions don’t even get him in the extended squad, let alone a game.

Marsh gets another chance , hopefully gets a decent amount of footy.


Spargo got listed as an emergency.
He didn’t play VFL last week so I didn’t expect him to be picked at all this week.
I had him down to be delisted.

Not sure if I want my FA’s to count.
Cannot even recall who I bid for either.


Well i’m dreading fogs FA processing.

My first choice Lang didnt even make Carlton’s 22, when I was sure he’d be guaranteed to play and was trying to fill a squad.


FA after the midseason draft will be crazy


I assume we’ll still keep the reverse ladder for that?


It would be interesting if they went into the Waiver Claim list.


FA will be processed in the next hour. Just got home.


Trade week start soon?

Usually around round 9/10?


Can I please LTI Daniher? Thanks @Dunlop


Yay I got a ruck!!

Although I didn’t think I did cause I forgot Ladhams was a ruck.


Sorry @wezza , but Dylan Clarke is actually on my list already. Has been for a couple of weeks.


B.loody Dunners stuffed me up, lol. I had Frampton as my 1st selection. Then Lang. Thought Cox might have been a smokey to play, but Gray being rushed back probably ended any chance at all of that.

Farewell to Liam Picken, enjoy the retirement.

If J Lewis survives the EIC cut, I can just cobble an 18 together. Otherwise I’ll be hoping for a late EM change with Clarke or Weller.