2019 FF Original discussion thread


I had a look at don’t think I can see @You_Shall_Be_Smoten’s team added there?

Also I need to add Powell-Pepper and Brodie onto my list as they were trade-ins from trade period.


I can’t remember if this league follows CD positions for rookies, but here’s the CD list (you’ll have to skip over the bbff2 FA though)


I think usually Dunlop has a shot at the positions and seems to get more reasonable positions.
For memory other systems have a high number of many C only rookies.


We definitely don’t follow the rubbish CD system for positions!


Just having a look through them now. Nick Hind a C and Ben King a F. Surprised they dont have +B’s

Looking forward to the better Dunlop positions!


Will Setterfield is a F apparently in the other league… I definitely wouldn’t read into CD’s positions.


Preseason watch for me…
Jed Anderson - was injured a few weeks ago in training. Have heard nothing since. Should be okay for round one.
Nick Haynes - restricted preseason. Should be okay for round of one.
Zach Tuohy - restricted preseason. Doubtful for round one.
Jack Viney - restricted preseason. Doubtful for round one.
Sean Darcy - hamstring problems cause him to miss JLT. Doubtful for round one.
Riley Knight - didn’t show much last night. Probably not in Adelaide’s round one 22.
Rowan Marshall - wasn’t selected for JLT. Unlikely to be in St Kilda’s round one 22.

At this point in time, I don’t look to have LTI’S.
I’m going to have to use my picks to fill out a round one team. Will probably need a ruck, a forward, a midfielder and a minimum two defenders (four if Bonner and Allen aren’t selected round one).
It’ll be interesting to see where the available rucks get picked up.


I think my favourite part of Watson’s game was it allowed Garry Lyon to make himself look like an utter moron.

A) He spent most of the game calling him Francis Jackson.
B) He confidently stated on numerous occasions that Watson had spent the last 2 years playing forward, that Willie Rioli was keeping him out of the team, and that this was his first game playing back.

The sad indictment is most people watching the coverage would’ve taken it as gospel.


If you and wimm had put through that trade on UF you wouldn’t be having the issue, I’ve evidently cut them from wimm’s squad but failed to add them to yours. Can’t fix it for keeper naming itself, so name 18 on UF and send me a reminder PM that they’re your other 2 and I’ll fix it in post.

Can everybody else make sure they’ve got all their traded in players from last season in their squads.

@You_Shall_Be_Smoten is missing, but had his wedding in Feb so I hadn’t been overly worried. I do need him to sign up ASAP though as I can’t input the custom draft order until all teams are signed up.

Bit behind where I wanted to be on positions - first 2 rounds will be up Monday, with the remainder on Tuesday. All 2019 positions will be correct on UF by Thursday morning by the absolute latest. If you are unsure about any positions for your possible keepers in the meantime, the full list of changes is roughly post 2360 in the 2018 thread - the only differences to the final list, being Jack Crisp kept CB and Grigg is a CR.


I recall Watson did play few WAFL game in the forward line. But for memory it was when he was coming back from injury and it was also as a defensive forward.


I attempted to trade Crouch to foggy at the time but it didn’t work.
And so I assumed trades would have to be done manually.


Keepers due Friday March 8 @ 10pm AEDST on UF

Barring having to kick some arses, spreadsheets should be out by midnight.

Pre-Draft Selection Period: Friday 10pm-Sunday 11pm

Once the Keeper deadline has passed, Craze can kick off the draft whenever he wants to. Picks can be taken on here until Sunday 11pm, at which time the thread will be locked and you’ll have to wait until the start of the draft to take your pick.

Teams have the option to wait until the official kick-off to take their pick if they wish to.

Official Start: Monday March 11 @ 9am AEDST


Can I please ask the rules on traded-in players , @Dunlop . Is it only end of season trades that must be on the keeper lists or also midseason? As far as I can tell, Wob made midseason trades but nothing post?


It’s only post season trades you must keep, mid-season trade ins can be delisted. And yep Wob went absent during trade period so you can delist anyone you want.




My keepers basically pick themselves this year…

Brayshaw, Angus (FC) 102
Burton, Ryan (B) 62
Caddy, Josh (FC) 78
Davies-Uniacke, Luke (FC) 40
Dunkley, Josh (FC) 99
Fyfe, Nat ( C ) 102
Heppell, Dyson ( C ) 102
Houston, Dan (FB) 72
Kelly, Josh ( C ) 103
Langdon, Ed (FC) 89
MacPherson, Darcy (FC) 72
McGrath, Andrew (CB) 71
Naitanui, Nick ® 80
Polec, Jared ( C ) 92
Vlastuin, Nick (B) 72
Webster, Jimmy (B) 79
Witherden, Alex (CB) 88
Witts, Jarrod ( R ) 94
Wright, Peter (FR) 58
Zorko, Dayne ( C ) 97

Thanks for the memories. May even see one or two of you at draft time.

#Lloyd, Daniel (FC) 58
#Nyhuis, Ryan (B) 50
Partington, Luke (FC)
Puopolo, Paul (F) 57
Rice, Bailey (B) 52
Rioli, Willie (F) 55
Scheer, Brad (FC) 60
Silvagni, Jake (F) 49
Smith, Joel (B) 55
Walker, Josh (FR) 64
Wigg, Harrison (CB)


That’s one hell of a squad. Will be tough to beat.


I’m all signed in


I’ll be delisting:
Sam Murray - ASADA investigation on him.
Lewis Young - Didn’t play JLT and not in best 22.
Andrew McPherson - Restricted preseason. Not worth worrying about.
Brett Daniels - He was okay in JLT but not good enough to earn a keeper spot.
Shane Edwards - Isn’t keeper material.
Daniel Menzel - Injury interrupted preseason.
Harley Bennell - Cannot afford to keep hoping he’s fit enough to play.
Josh Schache - Didn’t play JLT so not sure he’s best 22.
Billy Stretch - He was okay in JLT but not good enough to earn a keeper spot.
Ben Keays - Didn’t play JLT and not in best 22.
Ben Paton - Restricted time in JLT and not in best 22.

The ones that were hanging on to the last few spots…
Brandon Matera - Was okay in JLT.
Oscar Allen - Looks set to play the majority of the season.
Jamie Elliott - Played JLT for the first time in three years.
Riley Knight - Didn’t show much in JLT but he’s closer to best 22 than others.
Riley Bonner - Did enough in JLT.

Looking forward to the draft:
I need one of everything.
With six picks between 25 and 100, I can probably afford to use one of those on a developing player. Can use more if Jed Anderson, Viney, Marshall, Darcy, Haynes and/or Tuohy are named and play in JLT.


Pre-Listed State Players, Returnees and Round One Draftees

  • Returnees have their last active position - none of them consistently played a position outside of this last season

  • For Saladin who is new to the league, positions are derived from a combination of the draft tracker, club summaries of the drafted players as well as interviews from recruiting managers and the players themselves.

The rest will be up later this evening.

Brooksby, Keegan # FR
Burgess, Sean FB
Clarke, Zac # FR
Collins, Sam B
Corbett, Josh F
Krueger, Nathan FB
McAdam, Shane F
Mumford, Shane # R
Wagner, Corey # FC
Walsh, Sam FC
Lukosius, Jack FB
Rankine, Izak FC
King, Max F
Rozee, Connor FC
King, Ben FB
Smith, Bailey C
Thomas, Tarryn FC
Jones, Chayce FC
Blakey, Nick F
Caldwell, Jye C
Butters, Zak C
Quaynor, Isaac CB
Hately, Jackson FC
Clark, Jordan B
McHenry. Ed FC
Sturt, Sam F
Duursma, Xavier CB
Stocker, Liam C
Collier-Dawkins, Riley FC
Smith, Ely C
O’Halloran, Xavier FC
McLennen, Jez B

To answer the obvious question about Walsh - blame Carlton: https://www.carltonfc.com.au/news/2018-11-22/pick-1-sam-walsh.
Fair chance he’s another Wines and loses the F at the end of the year.